I know that workouts or exercises targeting your butt are popular in general. All you have to do is turn on the TV and I’m sure at some point you will see an infomercial selling a butt workout DVD. However if you were to look at the kind of person that is in many of these videos; primarily it is people in there 20’s and 30’s. The main purpose for butt targeting DVD’s are for aesthetic reasons, but I would like to suggest that isn’t the only reason for making sure you have strong butt muscles. As a senior personal trainer, I believe that these group of muscles are often the most neglected even though they play a major role in many activities and movements we perform on a daily basis. Below are just a few good reasons why seniors should strengthen their butt muscles.

Affects the way you walk- recently I had a client that when she walked would sway to the left without her being aware of it. Part of the reason why she swayed when she walked was because she had a muscle imbalance, in particular there was a weakness in one side of her butt muscles. I don’t know if people realize it, but your butt muscles play a major role in your ability to walk in a straight line.

Affects your balance – similarly to affecting the way you walk, weak butt or glute muscles contribute to bad balance. A lot of people don’t realize that your glute muscles are doing a lot of work to enable you to stand on one foot. Doing balance exercises that are suited to your level is great to improve your balance and strengthen your glutes at the same time.

Good for your knees- when it comes to people who have knee pain much of the advice is centered on losing weight or strengthening your quadriceps muscles, but there isn’t much focus on the glute or butt muscles. An easy way to show how much the glute muscles aid in supporting your knees is to tighten your glutes before standing from a chair; usually what people experience is the stand is much easier on your knees. In addition to strengthening your quads, do glute strengthening exercises like bridges where you are lying on your back.

While most of us will never be a star in a fitness video targeting stronger glutes, it doesn’t diminish the need to strengthen your butt. Hopefully after reading this you will have realized that your butt provides more than a good place to sit on but muscles that are heavily involved in every daily activity.


About the Author: Eric Daw is an Older Adult specialist and the Owner of Omni-Fitt. Omni-Fitt is committed to the health of seniors through fitness and all areas of wellness. Eric motivates and encourages seniors in Toronto to take responsibility through positive mentoring experiences. You can find Eric’s work at Omni-Fitt or follow him on Facebook