Shockwave therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment protocol used for the regeneration of tissues such as bone, tendon, muscle and skin.  Shockwaves are mechanical sound waves that work by breaking down scar tissue-adhesions, increasing circulation, stimulating new blood vessel growth and driving stem cell migration to the area.  Shockwaves are a scientifically proven treatment of acute and chronic pain, with virtually no side effects; most conditions are resolved after 3-5 sessions.

Shockwaves are used with prevalence in orthopedics, cardiology, urology, dermatology, aesthetics and even veterinary medicine as an established regenerative therapy.  Shockwaves travel deeper into tissue than any other modality and the properties of the wave allow for cellular change without any harm to healthy tissue.  Short treatment sessions needing little to no down-time have been used as a first and last resort for healing in Europe for over three decades.  As a result, shockwave therapy has greatly reduced the need for surgical intervention.  By providing the optimal environment for healing, shockwave works well on its own and in conjunction with other therapies, enabling those treatments to yield more profound effects.



Founded in 2012 by a European-trained physiotherapist, Remedial Wellness offers a unique rehabilitative experience that is unmatched nation-wide.  Our 1-on-1 personalized shockwave protocol is the gold standard and driving force in Canadian medical shockwave treatments.  We have also become the exclusive training source for other clinics and hospitals developing their shockwave practices.  Over 90% of our new clients are referrals from former patients.  Remedial Wellness has performed over 23,000 treatments in the last 5 years and has educated tens of thousands more in that time.  We strive to make your recovery as low maintenance and time-effective as possible; offering claimable treatments 7 days per week at a reasonable cost.  With 13 skilled practitioners drawing on over 150 years of combined experience, our sole priority is to improve your quality of life.

“Excellent.  Totally resolved after 3 treatments.” – Dr. Joe

“I have had endless and increasing back pain/spasms for my entire adult life. I have sought out every kind of therapist and doctor I could find for it and no one had been able to figure out why a guy in his late 20’s had so many issues. Walked into Remedial because of a glowing review I had heard and they had me figured out in 5 mins. 1 appointment in and I already feel 10 times better. Simply amazing level of skill! Thank you!” – Marc

“Shockwave gave my body a boost and allowed my shoulder to heal faster than I was expecting! I also love how long the results last, so I can keep working worry free.” – Dr. Kris 

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