Adults and seniors can benefit in several ways by walking on a treadmill for a limited duration. In the 21st century, certain lifestyle diseases including diabetes, heart ailments, high cholesterol levels and early onset diabetes affect the population. You will find twenty-something office goers suffering from arthritic pain due to the stiffness of joints and lack of movement of the lower body. Only 30 minutes of activity per day can reduce your health risks significantly and maintain fitness. Exercising regularly can improve the quality of your life.

Most adults don’t have enough time to travel to and from the gym every day, so it makes sense to set up a small fitness corner in a spare room or your apartment. The modern gym equipment is easy to store since most of them are foldable and compact. Have you ever used a treadmill at the gym? Do you remember the make and model of it? It is highly unlikely for any gym-goer to notice the model of the treadmill, but if you have particularly liked the features of one, you should go back and inquire about it. The fitness centres use commercial-grade treadmills that are sturdy and powerful. For lightweight people, it is easier to find quiet treadmills at Soundproof Panda. If you are heavier than 200 pounds, you might want to look for one with at least a 2 CHP motor. Almost all the modern makes mention the user weight limit. Before buying one for your home, always consider these constraints.

How can you enhance your treadmill experience?

The hundreds of options online do little to help with the decision making the process of the buyer. They feed the confusion. One of the better ways to find your perfect fit is by trying out different treadmill models, one at a time, by hiring them from a reputed Treadmill Supplier. The treadmills hiring company can give you special offers for weekly or monthly rentals. Even when you like a treadmill and choose to keep it for the rest of the year, you will be spending significantly lesser than the buyers shopping for first-hand treadmills online.

Exercising on the treadmill calls for a few other necessities, like the right walking shoes and clothing. Always go with athletic shoes. You can choose walking shoes with orthopaedic speciality, in case you are suffering from joint pain and muscle fatigue. Or, you can pick simple, sporty slip-ons that allow you to remain comfortable while walking. Clothing is essential for exercising and walking on the treadmill calls for loose, comfortable clothes that will keep your well-ventilated and cool. It is imperative for the user to remain comfortable throughout the workout regimen. Increased body heat, poor ventilation and excessive sweating can be harmful for the user.

How does exercising on a treadmill help seniors and adults?

Treadmills are great for all ages. Seniors, who usually use walking assistive devices regularly, should stick to using the handrails. If you have a mobility problem, always consult with your therapist or a specialist before adopting a new exercise regimen. Some conditions call for expert care and attention while a person is exercising. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, hypoglycaemia, or tachycardia, you need to speak with a specialist before you engage in any physical activity. Your physician can tell you about the ideal speed, distance and time you should cover on the treadmill. If you are physically fit, and you do not require assistive devices while walking, you should kick the handrail-holding habit to the curb.

Walking or running on the treadmill should build your balance and stability. It can improve the coordination of a person. For some, acquiring coordination and stability is challenging, and they need to practice walking on the treadmill to do so. It is always better for them to begin at the minimum speed where they can walk without holding the handrails and then continue increasing the speed and distance alternatively over the next few weeks.

How to achieve gym-like fitness at home?

Since treadmill exercises are all about building balance and coordination, you need to maintain and monitor your posture while on the equipment. It always pays off to install a large mirror right beside the treadmill. To get a complete view of your posture, you might want to install multiple mirrors. Remember to keep your chin upright and eyes forward. Roll the shoulders back and take deep breaths. Swing your arms naturally by bending them at 90-degrees. These points of advice apply for seniors as well as the millennial fitness lovers, who want to try the treadmill for its numerous health benefits.

Do not forget to warm up before you enter the main exercise routine. Begin with a slow walk and keep increasing the speed by 0.5 mph, per minute. Continue this until you achieve a brisk walking pace. Brisk walking is where your body is comfortable, but your breathing rate is high, and you are sweating. Brisk walking exercises the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system at the same time. It circulates blood to the brain and other organs, including your joints. You should maintain brisk walking for at least 10 minutes before you reduce the pace to slow walking for 2-3 minutes. Always keep an eye on the heart rate monitor. The ideal palpitation should be between 80 and 115 per minute during your brisk walk.

A few words of caution for treadmill novices

Taking your first steps on a treadmill is always intimidating for beginners. You might be afraid of falling or forgetting the plethora of control options of an advanced treadmill. However, the most recent programmable designs with LED touch control options are easy to use for all ages. You can set the speed, distance and intensity before you begin. However, you should first learn how to use the controls before you hop on the equipment.  If you have never walked or run on a treadmill before, you need to find the lowest speed setting. Also locate the pause/stop button, for emergencies. Treadmills allow users to take multitasking to another level, so it is essential to learn the controls before you decide to bring your iPad on the treadmill desk.