Most cases of nerve damage are painful, people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy often find it hard to carry out even the most basic tasks since sometimes this pain can become debilitating. In America, an estimated 20 million people have some form of neuropathy, the most common being diabetes induced neuropathy. The symptoms of neuropathy are always the same, it starts out as a feeling of numbness in the affected area (usually the extremities) accompanied with a tingling sensation, and in most cases, the tingling gets replaced by pain when the affected area experiences some sort of pressure.

People who suffer from neuropathy are advised to go to a physician who can diagnose their condition and then help them treat it, but unfortunately, most people who go to their doctors from help come back disappointed. Nerve damage is hard to fix, it takes time and a lot of care from both sides, and since the symptoms of nerve damage can be so extreme, most medical treatments for neuropathy only focus on treating the symptoms rather than on discovering the underlying causes and treating them.

This is why conventional neuropathy medicine can be ineffective, it is not designed to fix nerve damage, only supress its symptoms so that people can function normally. Conventional medicine can be pretty strong and it comes with a load of side effects that are quite unpleasant and in most cases, instead of helping one get back on track, relying on these medicines causes all sorts of new problems for them. Some of the most unpleasant side effects of neuropathy medication include heartbeat irregularity, excessive weight gain and suicidal tendencies.

With medication as strong as this, most neuropathic patients experience a steady decline in their health that results in their condition only getting worse with time. The worst thing about neuropathic medicine is that it is supposed to be taken on a long term basis, making it quite expensive, the average cost of neuropathic drugs in the US ranges from $500 to $800 per month, excluding any additional medication that patients often have to take in order to withstand all the side effects of neuropathic medication.

The vast majority of cases that have only relied on conventional medication for treatment have only further degraded over time, which goes to show that you should definitely not rely on conventional drugs to treat your condition. Contrary to popular belief, nerve damage can be healed or at the very least it can be significantly improved if you can get your hands on the right kind of medication.

According to proven research, certain forms of vitamin B can amplify nerve health, and herbal extracts can be used to relieve pressure on damaged nerves to reduce pain, there are small setups out there that produce supplements and alternative treatments that do not have harmful side effects and actually manage to improve one’s condition. If you have had no luck with conventional medication then it is time that you start exploring other options that you might have.

You can go to Neuropathy Help to learn more about alternative treatments, how they work and what sets them apart from any gimmicks or cash grabs that might be out to make money from desperate neuropathic patients. Neuropathy Help was started by someone who suffers from neuropathy as well, so you can rest assure that every product that you read about on this website has been tested and reviewed by someone who has gone through the same experience as you have. Treating nerve pain is not easy, but it is not impossible either.