Have you ever found yourself trying to deal with your tremendous workload, and you do not even have 30 minutes to have a proper meal? What would you do in this case? Some say energy bars from Nogii! Nogii talk about the Energy bars are amazing. They are convenient, nutrient-packed, and easy to buy. Who doesn’t love it? But some people claim that it is energy bars that make their weight hard to control. Before making the final judgment whether energy bars are healthy or not, let’s dissect carefully what it has to provide!  

Why Do People Have Different Opinions about Energy Bars?

Many people have a tremendous misunderstanding of what energy bar is as well as its benefits to our health. The energy bar is just one type of food, and that is the way we need to look at it. 

The reason why there is an intense controversy between those who believe in the power of energy bars and those who are not in favor of it is that there are many types of energy bars. 

If you spend a few minutes going to the closest grocery store, you will see there are thousands of types of energy bars in front of you. They come in many different flavors, packaging, and tastes. Each one of them has a health claim on it. 

But are they that healthy as claimed? The fact that these are healthy snacks or just candy bars filled up with sugar mostly depends on how you choose and use it. 

The primary purpose of energy bars is to provide quick nutrients for athletes during training and practicing. Since then, they have become widely used as a meal replacement. 

Energy bars are food. If you use it in the right circumstance, it will do you good. Energy bars contain lots of nutrients such as fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamin, minerals, and many types of fatty acids. 

Different types of energy bars can be suitable for different kinds of activities. For example, bars that contain lots of carbohydrates are much more ideal for those who have to exercise physically than someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle. 

So, What Are Energy Bars? 

Some main components you will be able to find in lots of energy bars are: 

Carbohydrates: on average, each energy bar can provide up to 60 grams of carbohydrates. The proportion of carbohydrates in one bar changes according to the brand. Some brands include complex carbohydrates from oats or rice. 

Protein: the reason why protein is frequently used as a meal replacement is that it can provide a high amount of protein, up to 25 grams in one bar. They may come from natural sources of protein such as milk, soy, and whey protein

Fat: It is recommended that each bar should provide somewhere between 3 to 5 grams of fat to be healthy for your body. 

Fiber: If you are looking for a type of energy bar after exercising, perhaps fiber energy bar is not your ideal choice. It would be perfect for those who usually sit in the office. 

Calories: After carbohydrates, calories are what you should pay attention to when choosing energy bars. Some bars can provide up to 500 calories, which would be a lot more for a snack. 

Sugar: to make energy bars delicious, food manufacturers have added a lot of sugar, which is not healthy if you consume too much. One piece of advice is always to check the packaging information before you buy it. 

Benefits of Energy Bars 

With Nogii Elizabeth, Energy bars have a lot of health benefits that no other single type of food can provide. Let’s check out these points to find out why many people are so addicted to this type of food. 

A quick boost of energy 

After hours of work, yet there are lots of household tasks waiting for you to get done. A 30-minute break to have a snack would be a luxury. Packed meals, fruits, or light snack are neither unhealthy nor poor in nutrients for you to keep yourself energetic. 

Or, you just get off work, and you are rushing to the gym before going home to get meals prepared. Working out after work is an activity we all love, right? 

In these cases, an energy bar can quickly recharge your energy to go through lots of meeting without suffering terribly from hunger. Protein before or after a workout is a must, isn’t it?  

Also, if you are an athlete who is trying to train and build your muscle, you need your meal to be fully packed with necessary nutrients with the least amount of redundant substances.

Meal replacement 

One of the main reasons why energy bars are so popular is because they can replace meals. At some points, you may be in a stage at which your appetite for food is almost zero. 

Rather than starving your body until your appetite comes back, consuming a few energy bars would be a great idea to provide your body with what it needs to function fully every day. 

One big reason is that energy bar helps those who are trying to lose weight. It allows you to focus your diet on what your body needs, rather than what you are craving for.

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As these bars can be consumed pretty fast, most people love to have one or two bars in their bags. It can be a great source of energy after a workout or a quick breakfast if you are rushing to work. No need to cook or bake or anything. 

All you do is to open the packaging and enjoy such a protein-packed meal alternative that is equally healthy to a meal. 

The Dark Side of Energy Bars 

Energy bars provide a lot of health benefits. That is true. However, why are there so many people not in favor of it? Here are a few reasons why! 

Increased mortality risk 

Due to a high amount of nutrients in one portion, excessive consumption of them may lead to increase mortality risk, especially when it comes to high protein bars. 

Although protein is one of the essential ingredients that our body needs to survive, it only works effectively with a moderate amount. 

If you overconsume protein over a long period, there are chances it will lead to fatal conditions such as heart disease, gout, etc. The best way to avoid this is to research, say, exactly how much protein after the workout you can take in.

Unbalanced nutrients 

We all know that to function healthily, our body needs different sources of nutrients, both macronutrients, and micronutrients. Those usually come from natural meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts that we eat every day. 

Although they seem like the right choice, it is not rich in nutrients that help our body function effectively. 

Why do I say all of this? 

Although energy bars are healthy for our body, they are nutrient-packed and convenient for us to chew. However, there are a couple of side effects that we think you should be aware of before binging on them instead of fresh food. 

Besides, different types are made for different groups of consumers. For example, athletes and white-collar workers would need a different kind of energy bars. Choose a type that fits your needs to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients!  

The Last Words, 

Energy bars are good. However, it is totally and entirely up to you to decide whether it is healthy to consume or not. 

In the end, moderation is the key to everything. If you have too much of something good, it becomes something bad. The same applies to energy bars. Be wise about your choice and follow strictly what is on the packaging! Stay healthy!