Medium-Chain Triglyceride or MCT, once absorbed by your system, gets converted to energy, which fuels your body and brain. MCT powder is derived from spray-drying MCT oil. This supplement is a healthy source of fat and hence, recommended for human consumption. Besides chocolate MCT oil powder, the other flavors available include salted caramel, vanilla, and coconut cream.

Here are the benefits of using the powdered version over the oil for your easy recommendation:

  • Has a gentle effect on your digestion system
  • Is portable and not messy
  • Blends easily whether it is liquids, soups, stews or even baked goodies
  • Available in interesting flavors

Regularly consuming MCT oil powder increases your mental clarity, curbs cravings, and boosts your brain function. A high-quality powdered product not only makes you feel good but tastes great too. The MCT powder by itself has zero carbs, no preservatives, nor sugars. Even flavored varieties like the chocolate, when consumed in adequate amounts, have preventive and curative health benefits. 

MCT oil powder is categorized as a functional food that increases its nutrient value when you add natural flavors. Here is why the experts recommend an intake of flavored MCT oil powder:

Enhances Taste

Knowing that consuming a particular supplement nourishes your body is not convincing enough. You will make it a part of your daily diet only when the taste and flavor satisfy your palate. 

We, as consumers, look forward to stimulating our senses with every mouthful. The addition of natural flavors in chocolate MCT oil powder has been proved to enhance sensory acceptance and boasts of therapeutic benefits. 

Taste is a matter of individual preferences, and some may get excited with spicy flavors while you may prefer a hint of sweetness. It is a fact that when eaten or drunk, each flavor has a distinct reaction on your sensory nerves.

Boosts Antioxidant Power

The best MCT oil powder comprises of coconut oil. When ginger and black pepper flavors are incorporated, these natural ingredients, in turn, release their essential oils. The result is the antioxidant power of the final product improves, which in turn has a beneficial effect on those consuming the powder. 

Vanilla is a typical flavor profile present in the MCT oil powder. This natural flavor is obtained from the highly nutritious vanilla bean, which in addition to essential oils, is rich in minerals and vitamins. Vanilla also contributes to the antioxidant power of the MCT powder, hence successfully controls nausea tendencies, and relieves gastrointestinal discomfort.

Increases Shelf Life

Combining natural flavors with MCT oil powder also helps to prolong its shelf life. This added benefit comes in handy, especially when you are away from home and cannot do without your daily dose of this dietary supplement. While traveling, you do not have the necessary means to preserve the powder, so it helps when the product itself is fuss-free to store.

Select a flavor based on the nature of the main ingredient in the food as they need to complement each other. Beyond a doubt, flavored MCT oil powder is a useful addition that positively impacts your health-conscious lifestyle.