Birth control pills are a viable alternative if you are looking for Chesapeake birth control. On the other hand, birth control can have side effects that many women who take them do not know a thing about. Birth control pills or contraceptives are very effective in stopping pregnancies. They have a measly failure rate of about 9%. There are many side effects of birth control including:


Many women usually experience nausea after taking contraceptives. However, nausea usually subsides after several days.

Nausea may be less pronounced if you take the pill at bedtime. If the feelings of nausea still persist after three months, you should visit a doctor.

Migraines and Headaches

One of the most common side effects of contraceptives is headaches. The severity and frequency of the headaches will depend on the dosage of the contraceptive.

A low dose pill will have fewer headaches whereas a high dose pill will result in very serious migraines. The headaches will most likely reduce in severity and frequency with time.

Weight Fluctuations

Birth control pills can lead to some very drastic weight fluctuations in women. Most of the weight gain is due to fluid retention in the hips and abdomen that happens as a result of taking contraceptives.

Weight gain is the more common change in weight that women experience. However, they may oscillate between losing weight and gaining weight which is very dangerous for the body.

When women lose weight while practicing birth control, they usually lose lean muscle mass. It is much harder to retain muscle mass than to lose extra water weight.

Mood Changes

Hormones are responsible for mood control in the body. Some birth control pills have the effect of altering the mood of those who take them.

The mood changes put some women at a higher risk of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. When such mood changes get extreme, it is time to visit your doctor.

Changes in Libido

The hormones contained in a contraceptive pill can have the effect of reducing the sex drive of some women. These hormones affect each person differently so it is difficult to say how it alters their sex drive.

Birth control pills may also result in increased libido by reducing the pain experienced during menstrual cycles. The reduced chance of getting pregnant also functions to improve the sexual drive of other women.

Vaginal Discharge

Some contraceptives lead to increased or reduced lubrication of the vagina. When that happens, it can activate the discharge of fluid from the vaginal walls.

Lack of lubrication can make sex very uncomfortable and too much is also a nuisance to everyday life. The color and odor of the discharge will indicate if it is a sign of infection or not. 

Missed Periods

Some birth control pills are able to prevent pregnancy by restricting ovulation. Menstruation happens when the uterine wall is shed when there is no fertilized egg. When there is no ovulation, there is no reason to shed the uterine wall and hence no menstruation.

A missed period is also a sign of pregnancy so when you miss a couple of periods, you should get a pregnancy test.