As we get older, it is quite common to suffer from some kind of eye-damage. Apart, from a few exceptions, everyone experiences some kind of damaging change in their eyesight. Especially people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screens.

According to the Home Care Assistance experts, there is no age restriction to take care of your eyes’ health. The passionate home care providers have assembled a list of tips below to maintain the eye health of the young and old alike.

Regular Eye Examination

Everyone after the age of 40 needs a regular examination. Most of the eye diseases do not have any obvious symptoms until they are in much later stages and the damage has already started, especially the seniors above 60 years of age. Regular examinations are helpful in preventing the diseases from worsening and damaging your eyes.

Age-Related Diseases:

Some of the diseases that are caused in the later stage of life are easy to identify. These three basic conditions are as follows:

  • Cataracts
  • Presbyopia
  • Glaucoma

A cataract clouds the natural lens of the eye which is located behind the iris and the pupil. It is one of the major reasons people lose partial vision after the age of 40. Cataract is also considered one of the major reasons for loss of eyesight in seniors.

When a senior adult is suffering from Presbyopia, the lens of his/her eye hardens. The lens can’t change its shape and the person loses focus.

Glaucoma strikes the optic nerve. It clogs the drainage canal of the eye and the person suffering from it loses vision gradually.

All these conditions can be treated with medicine or surgery if detected in the early stages. So, to prevent these conditions from attacking the eyes of your elderly loved one, make sure that they pay a monthly visit to an eminent optometrist. If your senior loved one cannot manage these appointments, you can hire an hourly or part-time caregiver from home care to assist them.


Give Your Eyes Some Rest Away From the Computer:

One of the most common reasons for eye conditions these days is the continuous strain from looking at the computer screen. Blurry vision and dryness in the eyes are some very common problems along with twitchy and red eyes.  You can either invest some bucks in some software to decrease the harmful brightness or simply take a 5-10 stroll to give your eyes some rest.

Healthy Diet:

A healthy and balanced diet is important for healthy eyes. Yummy, juicy carrots and carrot juice can work wonders for your eyes. Including carrots in the regular diet can have many healthy effects on your eyes and body.  One of the most effective natural treatments for your eyes is to consume a glass of carrot and beetroot juice daily. You can also mix a cup of orange juice for even more healthy nutrients. The elderly, who cannot chew the carrots can actually benefit greatly from this concoction. And beetroot is a rich source of iron. All these nutrients will improve the eyesight. Consumption of Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids is also essential for your eye health.

Author Bio: Mike Larson is a person who loves reading and writing different blogs. He writes on senior care, fitness tips, etc. Most recently, he has been associated with Senior Home Care Oakville. He is an advisor and offers people suggestions about how they can stay healthy.