When you first felt the tingly feeling on your teeth, in the back of your mind you held on to the idea that it would go away. However, the situation has become quite unbearable, and you can’t consume hot and cold foods peacefully. Getting the best dentist in Fair Oaks is ideal in helping you manage tooth sensitivity. A Fair Oaks endodontist will ensure you can enjoy your favorite blueberry ice cream, without excruciating pain.

1. What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

You develop tooth sensitivity when your enamel wears down or if you have receding gums. As a result, for every hot and cold food and drink you consume, you experience intense pain.

The wearing out of your enamel could be as a result of consuming significant portions of high-acid foods. Your enamel may also wear down if you have extensive tooth decay, broken teeth, and even extremely vigorous brushing using highly abrasive toothpaste. The good news, yet, is that you can manage your tooth sensitivity. If you need a good dentist, be sure to visit jessicamansfield-dds.com

2. Schedule an Appointment with Your Dentist

Your endodontist will assess the extensive sensitivity impact on your teeth for efficient treatments. Additionally, your dentist has the expertise in dealing with the underlying cause of your enamel loss. If your enamel loss is as a result of tooth decay, your dentist will first address it, to prevent further enamel loss, thus, minimizing the sensitivity.

3. Proper Brushing Techniques

When you use toothpaste with a high chemical composition of harsh abrasives, your enamel is bound to become thinner. Your endodontist can advise you on the best brand to use to minimize your teeth sensitivity. For instance, you can incorporate a high-quality desensitizing toothpaste brand.

Another crucial tip to put into practice is using a soft-bristled toothbrush. A quick fix you can do at home is checking the direction of your toothbrush bristles. If your toothbrush has bristles facing multiple directions, minimize the impact you use when brushing.

Another important aspect is to consider your teeth environment. If your teeth become more sensitive when you use cold water, you can implement warm water instead.

4. Don’t Forget Flossing

Sometimes when you have tooth sensitivity, it results from extensive plaque build-up which triggers tooth decay. Your dentist will guide you on the proper way to floss gently to avoid hurting your gums.

5. Avoid Tooth Grinding

If you find yourself frequently grinding your teeth, you will worsen your teeth sensitivity. When you constantly grind your teeth, you increase the thinning effects of your enamel which further exposes the inner part of your teeth. As a result, your teeth will become more sensitive. To avoid the sensitivity becoming worse, you can put a deliberate effort to avoid grinding.

For instance, if you develop the urge to grind your teeth when you are overly anxious, you can implement relaxation techniques to avoid teeth grinding. Additionally, your dentist can provide you with a mouth guard to protect your teeth whenever you have the urge to grind while you are sleeping.

Furthermore, you can also reduce your sugar and acidic foods consumption to minimize your teeth sensitivity.