Augmenting your breasts can have a huge impact on your confidence, and millions of people have benefited from this cosmetic operation over the years. If you have recently decided that you are interested in breast implants, then you are probably wondering what you can do to get ready for your breast augmentation procedure. While this surgery has a very high success rate, there are some simple steps that you can take to speed up your recovery, improve the results, and reduce your risk of any unwanted complications. 

Schedule Your First Consultation Right Away

One of the very first steps in this process is scheduling your first appointment with an experienced plastic surgeon. This is a highly personalized operation, and your surgeon will need to go over all of your options well before the day of the procedure. That includes what type of implant material is going to be used, the placement of the implants, and their overall size. You might also want to speak with your plastic surgeon about having additional procedures carried out at the same time. If your breast tissue sits low on your chest, then they could suggest a breast lift as well. They can also give you further instructions regarding what you can do to prep for your surgery. 

The Weeks Leading Up to Your Operation

In the weeks leading up to your breast augmentation procedure, you must do everything in your power to remain as healthy as possible. Your surgeon is going to give you very specific instructions regarding your health, but most patients will need to follow the same few guidelines. That includes following a very healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, and exercising at least a few times a week. If you currently use any tobacco products, then you must immediately stop using those as well. Tobacco products will slow your recovery and greatly increase your risk of post-op complications. 

Two to Three Days Before Your Appointment

Another important step in this process is setting up a recovery area. Every case is different, but most patients should plan on spending at least a few days in bed while a loved one looks after them. Having a comfortable place to relax is going to make your recovery much easier. Your recovery area should have a comfortable place to sleep on your back, access to food, access to a bathroom, and some type of entertainment. It also needs to be relatively dark and quiet so that you can get plenty of sleep. Your surgeon will most likely suggest that you get together a surgery bag as well so that you can take a spare change of clothes and other personal items to the surgical center. 

The Day of Your Operation

On the day that your operation is going to be carried out, you should get ready for your breast augmentation procedure by getting to the surgical center a little bit early so that you can get comfortable and fill out any paperwork that you might have missed. You will also need to have a loved one ready to drive you to and from the surgical center. The operation itself should take two to four hours to complete, but it might last longer if you are having a breast lift carried out. This procedure is typically done with a general anesthetic, and that means you will be very groggy for a day or two after the operation. While every patient is different, you should be back on your feet with minimal bruising and discomfort within two or three weeks.