It’s here again. That dreaded season where it’s dark when you wake up and dark before you’re home from work. The temperature has dropped so much already that it’s already hard enough to wake up for work, never mind getting up even earlier to squeeze in that pre-work training session.

Plus, by the time you’re finished running errands, shopping, and making supper after work, it might feel easier to just snuggle under a blank on the couch with a glass of wine and the latest Netflix indulgence.

Oh, and let’s not forget that it’s the holiday season and that means more parties, more food, and more booze for many of us.

1. Be Realistic

It’s the busiest time of the year with an increase in social events, family gatherings, and the fact that it’s darker so much earlier so we’re trying to squeeze more into the daylight hours

For this reason, it’s important that you’re realistic about the goals you create for yourself. If you’re used to working out five or six times a week, maybe it’s better to scale your goal back to two or three times a week rather than feeling like you’re failing, or worse, not going at all.

The great thing is, even if you reduce the number of workouts you do in a week, you can still reach your goals by simply increasing the intensity or even trying a HITT workout with a gym that offers functional fitness training and equipment.

2. Run the Numbers

We all know, this time of year usually leads to extra indulgences. It’s difficult to say no sometimes, and if you’re smart about, you don’t have to.

Knowing what your calories in vs calories makes a big difference in the way you approach your health. It’s okay to indulge in the extra glass of wine, or that dessert at the company potluck, just keep track and make sure you burn off the extra. The easiest way to track this is by zone training and using a heart-rate monitor during your workouts, and even throughout the day so you can track your steps, sleep, water intake, and more.

3. Schedule Workouts

Create commitments with accountability so it’s hard to skip workouts. Book a class, book appointments with a personal trainer or coach, or even set up dates with friends and go together. Another great way to do this is to create a family or corporate challenge, that way it’s not only a healthy dose of competition but it also adds the element of fun to your goals.

4. Be Prepared

This is a great tip even when it’s easy to make it to the gym. Always keep a gym kit ready to take anywhere. If it’s possible keep a couple of “gym kits” ready at all times, include a change of clothes, deodorant, a water bottle and snacks. All of our Anytime Fitness locations offer private showers and complimentary towels so it’s one less thing you have to worry about, but make sure to check ahead if you’re trying somewhere else.

5. Time Workouts to Avoid Distraction

If you know your evenings are the busiest, and the easiest, time for distractions then try shifting the timing of your workouts to mornings or even your lunch hour if possible. Planning ahead is your biggest ally when it comes to ensuring you are able to reach your goal for workouts in a week.

6. Mix It Up

Finally, try something new! Sometimes, all our mind and body needs is a break from the same old routine. If you’re used to only going to the gym for strength training, try mixing it up by taking a new class, like spin or a heart rate monitored group coaching class. Adding variety will add a little excitement and will leave you craving another visit to the gym despite the change in season.

Consolidate your memberships and start saving! Having multiple gym and studio memberships adds up, especially during the holidays. Combine and save with one of our All-in-One solutions. We offer fully heart-rate monitored facilities with spin, yoga, strength training, and more, all under the same roof.

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Written by: Anytime Fitness, Healthy Edmonton Team