Is it true? That you can hog away to glory and burn it all off in your gym. Now that’s a tough one for fitness buffs who want to lose weight and not eliminate all that they like to eat from their diet. So what should you be doing? Skip the diet for exercise? Before you get confused as to what to do and how to do it; check out the following features to help settle your confused mind! If you follow a certain exercise regimen should you eat that burger you have wanted to have badly? In other words, can you have the cake and eat it too?

Benefits of Exercises

There has been much written on the benefits of exercise. You have felt like you’re on the top of the world when you started exercising and continued to do so for a long time. The endorphins did a million things to your tired body and fatigued soul. Give the following reasons a read as to why you should get on that treadmill or that elliptical to burn some calories.

  • Exercise helps in weight loss– This one is a no-brainer. Exercise helps you lose weight. The more you exercise the more calories you burn, and the more calories you burn the more weight you lose. You need to be willing to spend an hour of your time being a little more active and incorporating some lifestyle changes like taking the stairs, and finishing your house chores.
  • Exercise fights disease- Whenever you go to a doctor what’s the first thing he/she suggests to you? Get some exercise. If you are suffering from any kind of lifestyle diseases or want to prevent one, you have to exercise!
  • Exercise elevates your mood- Not only does exercise helps you physiologically but also psychologically, thanks to the influx of happy hormones. Exercises can rev up your endurance and help carry oxygen to your tissues and cells. You look good and you feel good about yourself. A healthy diet and exercise plan can help you beat the blues.
  • Exercise helps you sleep like a baby- Having trouble sleeping lately? Start an exercise regime and chances are you will hit the sack and gain some quality energy. Just don’t exercise before your bedtime or you will be too full of energy to fall back to sleep.
  • Exercise can be fun and exciting- If you think you would get too bored following the same drill in a gym, mix it up and have fun with activities like dancing, hiking, yoga, Pilates, or learning a martial art. Thirty minutes of exercise can be enough to help you reach your wellness goals.

Why Exercise alone does not help?

Has it ever happened to you that you have binged like no tomorrow and exercised hard the very next day to expend the calories you had eaten? It’s a vicious cycle where you keep adding more weight, and however much you exercise, the pounds refuse to melt away. So what is the diet for weight loss you must follow to win the battle of the bulge?

Why Dieting alone does not help?

Exercises have a myriad of benefits, but we can never lose weight only by exercising. We have to follow a calorie restricted diet. A balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fiber is essential to losing weight and then afterward maintaining your weight. Guzzling on cola and then binging on pizza will not let you reach your ideal weight; similarly, you get bored of dieting. It’s not something which you can continue for a long time. A healthy diet plan and exercise can not only restrict your calorie intake but must also provide you the zest to go on with your daily chores.

How a balanced Diet and Exercise helps your body?

Dieting is a misused word. Yes, there are many who diet religiously, eating things like spinach and gourd depleting themselves of valuable nutrients that you need to stay in shape and also stay healthy. A sustainable diet and exercise plan needs proper planning. Skip the yo-yo dieting. It has never helped anyone. Consider a car. Would it run for miles without fuel? Don’t expect your body to do the same. Without the right kind of foods which includes healthy fats, your body wouldn’t withstand the daily rigours of life.

Bring a balance into your life. Eat enough to nourish your body and you will have energy, stay healthy and your immune system will get a proper boost that will leave you sick less often. Eat healthy for the week and choose a binge day when you can indulge in some of your favourite foods. Exercise for three to six days a week and you will be sorted for life! Add more life to your years than years to your life!! So instead of going for diet for weight loss you should aim for total body wellness.


By Deblina Biswas – The Fit Indian