My partner sleeps hot and insists on using a thick comforter year round. Between her body heat and the comforter, I sweat most nights of the year even during the frigid northern winters and with the AC on in the summer.. So when I first heard about cooling sleepwear from Swedish brand Dagsmejan, I went to test it with a skeptical mindset that they’d be able to keep me cool through the night.

Dagsmejan’s name comes from two Swedish words: dag, which means day, and meja, which means strength and power. The whole idea behind the brand is that you sleep better when you’re comfortable and at the right room temperature, usually between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the National Sleep Foundation. This helps cool your body temperature, so you can sleep deeper and have “day strength.”

The Stay Warm sleepwear is made from NATTWARM™ fabric which consists of a blend of performance fibres, that give you breathable, warm sleep comfort. TENCEL™ from eucalyptus for breathable softness and merino wool for comfort and warmth. The eucalyptus and is much more breathable than cotton; it kept me dry overnight even with a warm partner and a thick comforter 

I started testing a set of Dagsmejan’s Stay Warm sleepwear in early February, and it had been an unusually cold winter in Edmonton. My partner still exuded heat like a furnace and the comforter was still on top of us. All of the ingredients for a sweaty morning were in place, but when I woke up, I felt surprisingly dry.

Dagsmejan’s Stay Warm line is specifically designed to pull sweat away from your body with microlyocell, a fabric made from eucalyptus. This fabric dries in a third of the time it takes for cotton to dry, so it absorbs and then evaporates your night sweats.

The sleepwear set is lightweight and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing much at all 

I have a light grey melange set with a long sleeve Nattwarm Sleep Tech top and pants, and it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. The fabric is extremely lightweight and smooth with subtle seams; it doesn’t irritate my skin or cause any friction. The waistband on the pants has some elasticity so they stretch a bit and I notice that the sizing is a bit on the big side (I typically wear a large for pant (31″ waist) and these are a bit on the too large size.

Because it’s a Swedish company, Dagsmejan also boasts other sophisticated yet simple Scandinavian designs. The pajamas aren’t trying to be a fashion statement, and come in neutral colors, like grey and blue.

Cofounder Catarina Dahlin says the brand’s claim that its microlyocell fabric is “eight times more breathable than cotton” was tested through both lab and user settings. “Air permeability measures what is more commonly known as breathability, i.e. how excess heat is released from the body,” she tells Insider Picks over email.”Dagsmejan fabrics are tested against a wide range of fabrics, both synthetics as well as natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo.” 

I’ve always worn T-shirts to bed, but I didn’t realize quite how much moisture they trapped until I tried out an alternative. That being said, the alternative comes at a price. The long sleeve shirt and pants I have each cost $139, making for a $278 sleep outfit. But when I consider most of my athletic wear for exercising would fit in the same price range, and that I spend about 8 hours a night wearing these in hopes of getting a good night sleep, it’s an expense I’m willing to make. Shipping was cheap to Canada, but the duty and import fees were really expensive. This is something to consider when purchasing your set.

Dagsmejan also has “Stay Cool” (for summer) and “Balance” sleepwear (for in-between seasons) for men and women. I’ve only tried the warm weather sleepwear, but they’re all priced about equally, with the long-sleeve sets costing a bit more.

After sleeping with Dagsmejan’s Stay Warm pajamas, I’ve definitely noticed that I wake up less sweaty. But will I give up my T-shirts entirely? Probably not. They’re not disruptive or uncomfortable, and replacing them all with cooling sleepwear would be a very expensive endeavor. But the first thing I’m going to put on after they come out of the washing machine for a night of cool comfort will be my Dagsmejan’s Stay Warm pajamas.