Solo traveling is a great journey of discovery, not just of the places you are traveling to or the people and cultures you will meet along the way, but also of yourself. This kind of journey will certainly help you grow as an individual. It can be said that going on vacation by yourself is not without risks; however, one can still prepare adequately in order to minimize these risks. 

Whistle or Personal Alarm

Preparing some lightweight items for your trip that can improve your security are good investments for those traveling solo. Carrying a whistle or personal alarm on your travels is a security measure that does not harm anybody while also reassuring you that it will bring attention to any harm coming your way. 

Door Stopper and Special Security Locks

Having a door stopper among your travel items gives you the option of augmenting the security of whatever room you happen to check-in in your travels. Using security locks for your bags upgrades the security of your belongings. The locks serve as a deterrent for any harm to come to your things. Just their presence conveys the signal that there are no easy pickings to be found among your things.

Money Belts

Using a money belt can help you safely keep important documents as well as money. The trick to using a money belt is not to draw attention to it by having loose change in your pockets too. It is also important to have clothes that help you blend in wherever you are going. During these trips, it is best to avoid marking yourself as a tourist. 

Water Bottle with Purifier

Having your own water bottle with a purifier ensures that you always drink safe water. Also, carrying a few electrolyte packs or hydration salts can save you from dehydration in case of emergency. Bringing your own mini first-aid kit will be a blessing on the off-chance that you hurt yourself along the way.

Hard Shell Carry On Luggage

A hardshell carry-on case is advisable for long trips. This will protect your belongings from theft or damage as you travel through airports and take different forms of transportation. Knowing that your belongings are sealed in a tough, waterproof shell is certainly a weight of your back. 

Special Day Pack

Traveling light during day trips is desirable since this allows you to enjoy sightseeing without being weighed down too much. Make sure that you have a travel day pack with padded straps. Even while traveling light, there are still a number of things to carry as you go sightseeing on your vacation like a backpacking knife, so having a good backpack is a plus. There are even travel bags now that feature being waterproof and slash-proof.

Neck Pillows

Bringing your personal neck pillow will bring you comfort on long rides and allow you to take naps while traveling. 

Travel Towel and Jacket

A microfiber travel towel will ensure that you always have a way to dry yourself especially when there are no clean towels where you go. Having a light waterproof jacket rolled up in your day pack allows you the versatility of not using it when it is warm but having an extra layer in case of wind or sudden rain.

Waterproof Phone Case

When traveling, you never know when it will rain, so having a waterproof phone case will protect your phone from damage. 

Power Bank and Universal Charger

You also have no certain way of knowing if the plugs for your charger would fit where you are going so bringing your own universal charger is wise. A power bank, allows you to keep your phone and gadget charged as you visit many places during your vacation.

Having the right equipment is most crucial when traveling, especially when going alone. Preparing these must-have items before taking your solo-trip will go a long way in making your journey hassle-free and safe.