A lot of people are looking at unconventional means to treat their inability to rest properly without pills given the number of secondary effects they can bring to the nervous system. Travelers usually have many stories to share in this regard since most of them have tried one too many homemade remedies to deal with anxiety or insomnia. While some people seem content by using simple means such as music, others go for alternative products such as CBD oil. Most of these options seem to put a lid on these nuisances for a while, but not for enough to make a difference. That’s why so many are choosing to travel with a weighted blanket.

Bringing Along a Solution From Home

A weighted blanket in Canada is not something specifically aimed at helping travelers; they are more akin to a resource used by sleep therapists to help you get some rest by grounding your body and helping sleep on a steady position. The benefits are many and easily researchable across the internet. Given the number of people who needs to travel frequently it wasn’t long until someone asked the airline about the possibility of bringing one aboard. It seems the airline didn’t put any objections and the word is out now for many: a weighted blanket can help you have an easy time traveling if bring it along with you to your flight. 

The General Regulations of Weighted Blankets for Travelers

As expected the increasing demand of passengers asking to bring such a product with them has made some airlines take notice of the need to place some regulation in place so anyone can bring their blanket and not disturb the personal space of the nearby passenger. Airlines usually allow single blankets sized at 36” inches wide and 60” inches long. They look less like a blanket and more like a comforter. They are usually categorized as a personal item such as it happens with your laptop or hand luggage. The weight is not an issue as long as it’s adequately measured in accordance to your body weight and is appropriately folded. Once you get it on the place, you will need to place under the seat of the passenger in front of you and wait for the flight attendant to announce that you may use it after the plane is in the air. 

The Science Behind Weighted Blankets

As we mentioned previously, the relaxing effects of a weighted blanket are backed by various scientific investigations that can be found online. The basic nutshell on all of them comes down to something called DTP, an acronym for “deep touch pressure.” This is a branch of science that is tasked with the study of the effect of distributed pressure on the human body to regulate the presence of cortisol, a hormone that is created in spades by our central nervous system and makes us feel stressed. Tools such as weighted blankets or weighted lap pads are essential to treat these ailments, but other means can function for different people depending on their age such as stuffed animals, or more direct solutions such as massage therapies and hugs.

If you are a frequent traveler with high levels of stress, a weighted blanket is probably the best solution for you. They have been proven to be helpful to deal with anxiety, and they transmit notions of calmness to your body. They also help decrease heart rate, as well as the blood pressure, and the general activity of the central nervous system. Make sure to try one!