A dog is man’s best friend, so they say, or if you happen to be a woman, make that woman’s best friend! Many of us have dogs as pets, and they do make wonderful companions. You likely take your dog for long walks and enjoy that time together, but what about sports you can do with your dog in tow?

We took a look at some outdoor pursuits you can enjoy with your dog, and you might be surprised at some of them, so let’s check them out.
Before you choose a sport that you can do with your beloved dog, it would be a good idea to invest in a dog health insurance to make sure your dog stays healthy during your workouts!

Run Don’t Walk

Now, if you’re into fitness training, you might go running on a regular basis. What if your dog could run with you? Wouldn’t it be great to have your constant companion enjoying a run alongside you in the park, on the beach or wherever you take your exercise? It’s a great way of keeping your dog and yourself healthy, and it gets both of you out in the open. Dogs like to run – of course, you will need to temper your speed and distance to the type and age of the dog you have – so you will find your pooch is more than happy to keep up with your pace, but remember to keep the dog on a lead where it is required.

Can Dogs Ride Bikes?

No, we all know they can’t! But that’s not stopping you taking a leisurely cycle ride with your dog alongside! Of course, we are talking about riding on dedicated cycleways here, not the open road, and it is surprising how many miles of paths you can find that are marked out for bikes. Look for specified routes near you and you can enjoy cycling without traffic, and with your trusty and loyal pet too.

Dogs on the Water

Now this is an interesting one that we came across quite by accident: have you heard of a Stand Up Paddleboard, or SUP? These very simple, affordable and intriguing devices have rapidly become very popular. They come in all sorts of types – many are inflatable for convenience – and the idea is you stand on the board and use a paddle to get to where you want to be, and you can use them on lakes, rivers, and even the sea. Furthermore, you can even paddle board with your dog beside you if you teach it how to sit or stand when on the water!

If you check out the benefits of stand up paddle boarding you will see there are good reasons why people are starting to get interested in this great way of enjoying the water. It’s fun, great to learn, is a perfect family pursuit and allows you to get to places where you wouldn’t normally go. People even use their paddle boards to find a quiet spot on a lake where they can meditate, practice yoga or go fishing. If you want to find out more about paddle boarding it is a sport that is well worth checking out more closely. For more tips on buying the right SUP, check out dream-guides

Some Further Ideas

The above three sports and pursuits are great for having fun and exercising with your dog, but there are many more you can also indulge in. If you have a dog that likes the water – and some breeds do so more than others – you can take your dog swimming. Not in your local pool, of course, but perhaps in a lake, river or the sea. Dogs will also enjoy it if you go hiking, and may even be happy camping out in a tent for a few nights. There’s something very satisfying about having your dog with you when you go exploring the great outdoors, and the dog will love it too. We think that we’ve covered some great ideas for you here, so read through the suggestions again and, next time you go out, take your dog with you!