Most individuals aren’t morning people, and early rise from bed doesn’t always come easy. From an annoying alarm clock and constant notifications from incoming messages to morning traffic commute and eating breakfast on the run – all these factors can add up to a challenging start of the day.

If mornings begin to feel more like they control you instead of the opposite or become the most dreaded part of your day, then creating a proper routine can help to manage your time and kick off the stress. Whether you love waking up with the sun or prefer to hit the snooze button a hundred times, having a healthy morning routine can work wonders for your wellness and happiness. There are many seemingly simple tasks that can help you to wake up on the “right” side of the bed and change the entire forecast of your day. Let’s shed light on the following methods to enjoy a healthier, happier morning routine.

Practice Meditation

Consider setting your alarm from 10 to 15 minutes earlier and meditate. Meditation is an effective technique to reduce stress, improve concentration and create an overall sense of well-being. This habit is especially helpful for rebooting your brain in the mornings and starting your day in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

The most popular forms of meditation include reflective meditation mindfulness, heart-centered, and creative meditation. If you aren’t sure where to start, try to download a free meditation app, like Insight Timer or watch tutorials for newbies on YouTube. Don’t afraid to do something wrong as meditation have various ways of practice, and you will likely find an option that suits you. 

Simply sitting in a comfortable position with quiet contemplation for a few minutes before you start your day might help instil a sense of mindfulness. It’s also a more relaxing and useful habit that prevents you from immediate rush into morning activities.

Eat Breakfast 

Breakfast is considered the most vital meal of the day. Initiating your day with a healthy breakfast will jumpstart metabolism, give you the needed energy and drive for your day ahead. Eating breakfast is proven to enhance concentration, help with weight loss and experience higher levels of activity within morning hours.  

Also, the type of food that each person consume for breakfast is an essential feature. Breakfast foods with a low glycemic index yet rich in protein lead to higher energy levels. 

Incorporate meals such as oatmeal, cereal, greek yoghurt, avocado and egg sandwiches, as well as fruits like grapefruit, bananas, eggs, blueberries, and strawberries, or whatever sounds for you good and nourishing.

Don’t Look At Your Phone

Most smartphone users check their phones for at least 15 minutes after waking up. Whether it’s checking inbox email, reading news, or stalking someone’s Instagram story, reaching for your phone is a big mistake in the morning if you want to start your day right. It’s important to understand that the phone isn’t going anywhere, messages, YouTube or looking through the Instagram feed can wait.

Try to refrain from looking at your phone, watching television, or even checking email as the first thing when you wake up until you have completed your priority morning habits. Technologies are enticing, but it’s also the main distraction that prevents people from doing what is best for them.

To make this new ritual work, get a real alarm clock and charge your phone across the room rather than in reach of hand or next to your bed.

Create A Mindful Morning Routine With CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural remedy that is known as potent stress-reducer and mood-booster. It acts by stimulating special receptors in the brain to help regulate basic functions occurring in an organism such as sleep, appetite, mood, immune function, pain, memory, temperature, etc. 

You can create a CBD routine by adding a few drops of CBD oil to your morning tea, coffee, juice, or smoothie to help you relax, reduce stress, improve focus, and get ready to take on the day. 

Be Active

Physical activity any time of day is beneficial, but exercising in the morning has its advantages. On the one hand, working out right away means there are more chances to stick to a routine, and you are less likely to skip this activity later on. On the other hand, it can help to wake you up, control your blood pressure, and leave you feeling more energised and productive throughout the day. What’s more, during and after workouts are released endorphins that are considered as mood-boosters and may help to keep you happy all day long. 

Morning exercise could be an effective way to promote a physical activity habit in inactive individuals. However, if you enjoy being outdoors, you can begin your day with a walk,  jumps or jog to get fresh air while you exercise. Additionally, you can try a 30-minute yoga to get you moving even in the morning.

Drink Warm Lemon Water

After brushing your teeth get in the routine of drinking a tall glass of warm water with lemon every morning. You can add half or one whole lemon as well as just squeeze lemon to your glass. 

This easy health tip can help to cleanse and improve the liver and kidneys, protect from catching a cold, reduce pain and inflammation in your joints, and balance your pH levels. The antioxidant properties of lemons can also help fight free radical damage, which benefits your skin and keeps it looking young and healthy.

Do A Stretching Routine

Take an example from your pet and incorporate stretching morning routine. Stretch session might improve your posture, boost circulation,  loosen muscles after sleeping, and relieve mental stress. Performing a morning stretching routine for ten minutes will allow you to connect your breath with mind and body, which set the tone for the whole day.

Over time, if you keep up with this useful morning habit, you will increase your range of exercise, correct muscular imbalances, and reduce risks of injuries.