Already we are 4 months into 2015! Where does time go? Here we have the April edition of, “Stay Moving, Motivated, and Mindful”.

This month we are doing a quick check in to see how we are holding up with the resolutions and 2015 goals. Take a couple minutes. Are we still striving to meet the goals or have we let the goals be set to the wayside?

Still striving – Awesome! Goals put aside – that’s okay. You know what, maybe we need to reevaluate the goal. Often goals are a little bigger than we thought. This is okay, leave the goal in place, but set up some smaller (stepping stones) benchmarks to will lead us to our end goal.

As I spoke about in last month’s newsletter, “YOU CAN STILL DO THIS!” To sign up for monthly newsletters, CLICK HERE. 

This month we are also focusing on combating the common side effects of sitting – tight hip flexors, chest and shoulders. Along with weak abdominals and glutes.

“I have some minor back pain, most likely due to tightness. Often times I have headaches.” This is a very common statement I get from a client whose job requires them to sit at a desk all day. The majority of our jobs tend to require sitting for the good part of our day. In fact almost ¾ of my clientele sit for a good part of their day.

Chances are you are either sitting at a desk, or are sitting in a vehicle. We sit a lot more than we think.

When we are not working, we are engaging in activities that also require us to sit. Whether it be painting, going for dinner/drinks, playing on the computer, going for drives, quadding, texting/talking on the phone, reading or watching TV. Whatever we are doing, we are often sitting.

So, if you fall victim to your desk and need a workout catered to you, give this a try! What if you don’t sit at a desk all day? That’s okay, this is still a great full body workout, which will get you sweating, moving, and feeling better.



A1. Glutebridges
A2. T-spine rotations
A3. Cat – Cows
A4. Kneeling hip flexor



B1. ½ kneeling single arm cable row
B2. Hip thrusts
B3. ½ kneeling single arm shoulder press
B4. Kettle-bell swings

C1. Side plank @ 20seconds per side
C2. Resistance band dead-bugs

D1. 5 minutes of cardio intervals (40 seconds rest: 20seconds work)

Four months into 2015, and there has been some time for struggles to set in to discourage us. During your check in, if you find yourself getting discouraged, do not fret. This month we are offering a little incentive to refocus and push you along down your path to success.

We want you to feel like your engaged, challenged, and supported down your path – which is exactly what we do here at Body By Bennett.

For first time clients we are offering an introductory offer of 3 personal training sessions, for $149.00 (+tax).

Act fast – this limited offer is only good through April 1-10th, 2015.

To receive this offer, call David Low at 780-932-0978.

Shane is a personal trainer at Body By Bennett.