Choosing the best workout routine is the first step in getting the maximum results from your training. Though there are a lot of routine variations that are available for you to adopt, not all can help you make faster progress. If you are aiming to reduce your weight and gain more muscles in a shorter period compared to a regular routine, you should check out the new training concept that is making rounds in the fitness community these days: the supersets.

Basically, a superset is a set of two intense workouts done with no intervals or rest in between. Although the name itself is quite intimidating, this type of workout is for almost everyone. Those who do not have much time to exercise, such as employees and students, can adopt this routine and still expect similar results as those who are working out on a regular basis.

The reason of why it is one of the most effective workout routines today lies on its intense impact on the body on the short period of time. Since this variation induces greater cardiovascular work, it helps you burn more fat and calories. This intensity in a short span of time also increases the testosterone aka growth hormone level in the body, which triggers the release of fat cells to muscles areas of the body, and use it as fuel throughout the training.

So, if you don’t have enough time to exercise but want to maximize your time on the gym, the superset routine is probably the best for you. To learn more how it works and its benefits, check this visual guide by Back On Track Fitness on some of the things you should know about supersets.