We know that our bodies need ample vitamins to maintain healthy function, yet 40% of the U.S. population is deficient in vitamin B. 

Although this is due to today’s diet being void of many of the essential nutrients you need, the problem worsens with insufficient knowledge of supplementation. From athletes to stay at home moms, the role of a vitamin B supplement is nothing to turn your cheek at. 

So, how can you be sure you are getting enough of this vital vitamin in your daily life? Follow along with our vitamin B supplement guide to discover the benefits of this ingredient and how you can introduce it to your system.

What Is a Vitamin B Complex?

Vitamin B actually has several components to it, most of which are known by other names, such as biotin, which is B7. Each of these components has its own set of benefits, but together, the full range can amplify your body’s health and function in outstanding ways. 

Experiencing a lack of the vitamin can result in symptoms such as unexplainable fatigue, poor digestion, and even brittle hair. While these symptoms may come from other deficiencies as well, the concern begins when individuals start to experience fuzzy vision, trouble walking, or other neurological symptoms. 

In order to ensure you are getting enough, you can source the vitamin in 3 primary ways. Through your diet, through an ingestible supplement, or with an injectable complex. 

All three of these options offer different pros and cons, but if you can get past the needle, an injection proves to be the fastest absorbing. To gain more perspective on the injections and what they contain, click on this page

Ultimately, no matter which way you choose to take your vitamin B, the benefits are undeniable.

1. Better Brain Function

Your brain is the engine of your body, and when that engine starts to function poorly, the entire machine feels the effects. Ensuring your levels of vitamin B are topped up can support the brain’s ability to communicate and send messages to the body effectively. 

This communication can become laggy or even broken when neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease are introduced. Fortunately, vitamin B has been shown to aid in preventing these conditions and fueling a healthy cognitive function for the future.

2. Fatigue

Feeling tired and worn out even when you get an adequate amount of sleep can severely impact your day to day life. Rather than pushing through the droopy eyes and slow mind, it’s time to get to the bottom of your chronic state. 

While many deficiencies and conditions can cause fatigue, vitamin B is highly responsible for that always-tired feeling you’re experiencing. When in doubt, top up your vitamin B intake and notice if your energy levels increase. Chances are, you’ve missed out on essential vitamins like B12 in your diet, leaving you energy poor.

3. Stress

Dealing with stress can feel like an impossible feat, but ensuring you have enough B6 can ease the intensity of your problems. This is because this component plays a large role in the creation of neurotransmitters, allowing feel-good chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine to release. 

You’ve likely heard of these hormones before in relation to that hit of satisfaction you feel after a workout or a long hug. If your body is unable to produce these chemicals, you’ll be missing out on the ‘up’ feelings you get from them and potentially slipping into a more stressful state than necessary. 

4. Female Hormones

A woman’s body is an amazing temple. It has the ability to grow a child and feed that child with the perfect blend of nutrients. This ability, however, becomes severely deteriorated without the proper ingredients. 

Having vitamin B complex injections through your pregnancy and breastfeeding can ensure your baby is receiving the nutrients it needs from your body and growing healthy and strong. From improving their brain function to promoting DNA duplication, this vitamin vital in your child’s development.

Beyond the process of reproduction, getting enough vitamin B can keep your cycle stable and reduce the intensity of PMS symptoms.

5. Beautiful Skin and Hair

You’ve likely seen the ingredient called biotin on your skincare product labels. As we mentioned before, this sneaky ingredient is also called B7. The reason beauty companies have started introducing this magic element into skincare is because of its benefits for the skin, nails, and hair. 

From improved cell turnover to healthier cells in general, this vitamin B element can improve the strength of your hair and nails and provide a more beautiful healthy glow to your skin.

6. Red Blood Cell Production

Your body is able to perform amazing functions without even requiring your thought, however, it needs the right raw ingredients to power the functions correctly. The way it receives these ingredients is through the blood, in particular, red blood cells. 

The body is continually producing these red blood cells to carry vital ingredients through the body. As you’ve probably already guessed, one of the main components your body needs to create these red cells is vitamin B. 

7. Digestion

This is just one example of the functions carried out in your body with the use of these cells. Your body needs specific hormones and enzymes to break down your food and disperse the nutrients. 

Vitamin B not only helps in the creation of these hormones but also in the delivery of them. As it turns out, this vitamin not only promotes a healthy brain and blood but also a responsive gut. 

8. Cancer Prevention

While there is still plenty of research to do in the prevention of cancer cells, we do know that vitamin B can play a large role in ensuring healthy DNA cell formation. Since cancer cells originate from the mutation of a DNA cell, this makes the vitamin a solid place to start when staving off the disease. 

In fact, it’s been noted that adequate vitamin B can actually prevent common skin cancers like melanoma from forming in the body. 

Vitamin B Supplement Guide

Now that you know 8 of the benefits associated with Vitamin B, you can take on the supplement aisle with confidence. From your brain function to your body’s overall performance, there’s no reason to leave this element out any longer. 

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