If you’ve read some of our articles in past editions or have seen us in the magazine, you get the idea that we like to live a healthy and happy life. Fitness and nutrition are things we live and breathe on a daily basis and they’re both keys to our happiness. We share a passion for watching what we do with our bodies and most importantly what we put in them. We both graduated college in Edmonton from NAIT with business degrees and we could always see ourselves starting a business together. One of us usually gets the ideas, while the other helps refine them. So we make a pretty good team. Having an idea is great, but having them doesn’t get you anywhere. You have to act on those ideas and create something. This time, we decided to act.

We got our idea while driving home from work one day. At the time our original idea had to do more with entrepreneurship and not fitness. It was in the car when Rachael said, “What if we created trips focused around fitness?” It wasn’t our original idea, but we liked this one better and felt it was worth looking into more.

Clinton came across the 2014 Global Wellness Tourism Economy Report, which turned out to be a very valuable resource. In the report it explains wellness tourism, how big the industry is, and the different areas it is segmented into. The wellness tourism market worldwide is a $438 billion dollar industry, which encompasses several categories ranging from spa & beauty, healthy eating, fitness, personal growth, spiritual, and adventure.

Times are changing and with the rise of chronic illnesses and obesity rates in North America at an all time high, the millennial generation is starting to live a healthier lifestyle. This healthier lifestyle is not being compromised whether people are on vacation or sitting at home. So it’s time more options become available for consumers.

The report states “wellness-minded consumers integrate healthy habits and activities into their lifestyles and travel.” That sums up exactly what a fitness vacation or fitcation is and why they are important to millennials. Although it’s in the infant stages we believe fitcations will become a staple in everyone’s yearly vacation plans for many years to come. Especially as people start seeing the benefits of using their vacations to recharge in a healthy sustainable way.

Through research we conducted with prospective customers we were able to formulate a plan of what our idea would become. The overall vision was to provide a travel experience that isn’t offered today. We would rent large houses in various destinations around the world and fill it with people interested in specific fitness activities like HIIT training. We would teach them how to cook healthy meals, work out together daily, as a group, bring in guest speakers that would benefit them, and provide endless opportunities for everyone to network. We’d also provide an option for off-site activities if guests chose to do so.

Our all-inclusive fee would include accommodations, food, guest speakers, and other amenities during the duration of their getaway, leaving guests responsible for their own transportation to and from the location. We are exploring the possibility of offering shuttle service to and from the airport for international destinations and some domestic locations around Western Canada in 2016.

With an idea, comes a vision, then a name, and of course a plan.


We are proud to officially launch as of the date of this publication,

“Connected Getaways”

A travel experience company dedicated to providing a unique way to connect with like-minded people in comfortable surroundings, while promoting health, wellness, and overall well-being.”

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It’s time to turn the page on travelling the unhealthy way and return home in better shape than when you left. Come join us on a fitcation together.