We often think about technology in terms of the latest gadget that’s been invented. People talk about the latest technology which lets them do all sorts of amazing things on their new phone. What people often forget about is the amazing contribution technology has made in the medical sector.

1.2 million Lives were saved from cancer between 1991 and 2009 and many of those people have technology to thank for their survival. Even technologies we often take for granted such as MRI scans and pap tests have made important contributions to detecting and preventing cancer.

More recently stem cell research has given rise to limitless amounts of medical applications. It has the potential to cure an array of diseases from Parkinson’s to Arthritis. The progress being made in these areas using stem cell research is very encouraging.

This info-graphic from Mission Safety Services outlines why we should be thankful for the technology we already have, and offers a glimpse in to the future, where further advances in technology that could help save millions of more lives.