Jaw movements such as chewing and talking are essential aspects as far as your general health is concerned. Any complications in the jaw movements can result in several health issues such as hardship in chewing, migraines, headaches, or jaw pain. However, Dr. Eric Koch, DDS, is a specialist with a profound understanding of the health issues you might be going through. With TMJ treatment Jasper, Texas, your symptoms would subside through the physician’s techniques of applying transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) or custom dental orthodontics to assist you with your temporomandibular joint treatment in getting well.

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What is Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Treatment?

Temporomandibular joint treatment is a discipline that involves diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the TMJ disorder. TMJ is a point of connection between your skull and jawbone, providing the chewing, biting, and talking abilities. At times the joint(s) might experience inflammation triggering tenderness, headaches or migraines, and jaw pains.

When the TMJ does not get immediate medical attention, it gradually deteriorates. Nevertheless, it can be controllable through non-invasive and conservative treatment procedures.

Temporomandibular Joint Candidacy

Any individual exhibiting any of the following signs and symptoms is highly welcome at East Texas’s Advanced Dental Care for proper treatment. The symptoms include:

  • Jaw popping and clicking.
  • Tenderness or jaw pain.
  • Jaw joint locking.
  • Earache or ear pain IQ.
  • Clicking sounds in the ear.
  • Sore or stiff jaw muscles.
  • Pain around and in the ears.
  • Challenge in chewing.
  • Migraines and headaches.

What is the Diagnosis of the TMJ Condition?

Dr. Eric understands that having enough time with the patient is one step to the condition’s healing process. Therefore, he accords adequate time for each patient’s unique needs for comprehension.

First, he will feel and listen to the jaw when you close or open your mouth, pay attention to the range of motions in your mouth, and press at the jaw surrounding to identify the discomforting sites. If there is a problem or suspicion, a dental X-ray, CT scan, or MRI is applied for showing the problems.

TMJ Treatment Options

Dr. Koch provides a range of treatment options to alleviate your pain, they include:

Custom-made orthotics

Custom orthotics are crafted appliances for jaw alignment. Dr. Koch takes a range of digital impressions with an intraoral scanner then sends them to the lab for the appliances to be designed.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

It uses low electrical voltage to enable your muscles to relax by relieving muscle tension, thus relieving you from headaches and jaw pains caused by TMJ.

Oral surgery

Supposing your conditions persist despite the use of the conservative TENS and custom dental orthotics, Dr. Koch is likely to recommend an oral surgery that might interfere with your bite. However, muscle tension and peril of teeth grinding will subside.

What Type of TMJ Treatment Will Suit You?

The kind of TMJ treatment that will primarily be of importance to you depends on your symptoms, age, and dental history. After the discussion you will have had with Dr. Koch, he will develop a plan that best suits your requirements.

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