Keeping your body healthy involves more than just eating right and knowing how to watch portion sizes.

Exercise is a key component to ensuring you increase muscle mass and lose weight. Not only can you push yourself to look great, but you’ll feel like a new person, too.

But how can you develop a bodyweight workout plan that meets your needs?

Learn about five different types of exercises you can include in your workouts. See how they can push your body from average to strong with a few simple changes.

1. Start Planking to Develop a Strong Core

Planking sounds a lot easier than it is. With your forearms on the floor and using your feet to brace, you hold your body off the floor, stiff like a plank.

You can start out doing it for twenty seconds, and then work your way up. This not only helps you create a strong core but increases your resistance as well.

if you’re looking for one exercise that comes with a variety of benefits, begin planking today, and start to notice the difference.

2. Push-Ups Can Help Your Arms and Chest

Push-ups are another popular exercise that people know of, but forget how useful it is when they want to develop their body and change the way they look. Besides helping you tone your arms, these exercises are useful for overall resistance and strength building.

If you’re a woman, don’t let the difference in push-ups hold you back from trying. Both male and female push-ups offer a great way to work your body.

3. Add High Knees to Your Bodyweight Workout Plan

Doing high knee exercises offers a useful option for folks who wish to run, but don’t always have the time to do so. If you decide to do these, remember to start slow while keeping your form.

As you increase your stamina, you can push yourself to go faster and longer. For those days when you can’t get outside but still want to work your legs, high knees provide a useful alternative.

4. Bridges Can Tone Your Backside

Bridge workouts involve lying down, but only keeping your shoulders, back and feet firmly planted. Your butt acts as a bridge, with you using your strength to push up and down.

This exercise works your hamstring, back, and glutes, allowing you to tone these areas in a fun and effective way. If you’re looking for a new exercise to add on to your bodyweight routine, consider this.

5. Let Rows Help You Build Your Back

Rows help you build your arms and grow stronger the more you exercise. Many people use a weight machine at the gym to help with this, and it works wonders in helping you pull your body up and increase arm strength.

If you’re looking for an alternative that you can do at home, consider using resistance bands to help you meet your fitness goals.

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