Most bodybuilders or fitness fanatics secretly wish to get one thing, PERFECT PECS. And just in case you happen to be one of these people who is looking for the formula to get perfect pecs, then you better stick with this page.

Developing pecs is not as tough as it seems. Since all you have to do is do some exercise on a regular basis and you are all set. However, in case you have no idea about which exercise you will need to follow, here is a great guide.


The first thing that you should do is stretch. There are many people out there who consider stretching to be useless and not effective and they end up skipping this part because it’s too boring for them.

The good part of stretching is that it is one of the best activities that you can do in the long run for better results. Stretching is extremely beneficial when you are stressed as it works as a good stress reliever. It helps muscles to relax so you can enjoy a good feeling. Pectoral muscles always need a good stretching schedule so that they can be activated properly preventing any injuries.

You should stretch before and after each workout. This will help you to warm up your body and help in increasing the range of motion of the shoulder joint. However, it should be done for longer than 10 minutes to improve the flexibility in your muscles.

During stretching to increase the contraction of the pecs, you will need to perform stretching with the full range of motion so your muscles can get a proper stretch. One of the best exercises that you can do to stretch your pec muscle is performing 3 sets of push ups of at least 10 reps.

Perform Movements Slowly

You also need to pay special attention to the downward movement. This is why you need to push your muscles to get proper pecs. You need to give a proper load on your muscles to build strength.

There are times when you would rapidly perform too many movements on your muscles. However, you should not do these movements rapidly.

Overload Your Muscles

First, you will need to pick a weight which you can use for 8-12 repetitions of a particular exercise. Once you can do at least 12 repetitions with good form, consider adding 5 pounds then again do 8-12 repetitions of that particular exercise.

Every time you hit the gym make sure to put some extra workload on your muscles. This could be a painful process so you should take it slowly.

Isometric contractions

Isometric contractions are a type of exercise where you need to push against an immovable object like a wall. They have many benefits, and the best part of this workout is that you will not need any extra type of equipment to perform your workout.

Isometric contractions are very effective in finishing off any chest exercise. One example of isometric exercise would be palm presses. In this exercise, you have to press your palms together while keeping your elbows up as hard as you can. Then you have to hold the contraction anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds for maximum effectiveness.

However, there are a couple of setbacks of doing isometric exercises. One of the setbacks is that it can raise your blood pressure quite significantly.


After every hard chest workout, make sure to take a rest for a day or two. Because this is the time when your muscles will start repairing and growing.


Every gym fan knows that to build good muscles, you need to eat. But all the calories were not created equal so in an attempt to help you realize your full potential we’ll have a good look at the 10 best muscle building foods

First and foremost is the egg.

Eggs should be the number one choice for your bodybuilding diet regime because not only are they affordable but they also provide some of the essentials required for bodybuilding such as amino acids. We will deviate from the topic for a second to learn a bit about amino acids.

Now, why are amino acids so important? When you work out, you’re tearing, breaking and damaging those muscle fibers. You eat protein which is made up of amino acids and then your body digests them and sends them right to your muscles to rebuild and help heal those damaged muscles resulting in bigger stronger muscles.

Second is lean beef.

This would probably be the appropriate time to mention that this diet and these foods aren’t necessarily vegetarian or vegan friendly but beef is the best foods that you can eat if you’re looking to put on serious size. Even if it is lean it is higher in calories as opposed to some other protein options

Number three is chicken breast.

Everybody knows the chicken is a protein packed option. A medium chicken breast is really the right size for a portion. It’s incredibly lean but they’re also very delicious .