Aligners are orthodontic devices that are made of BPA-free plastic and are transparent as they’re intended to be discreet when worn. 

They’re used as the main substitute for metal braces, which means that clear aligners are also meant to straighten the alignment of your teeth.

They’re also custom-made for your teeth; intended to be tightly fit to achieve the desired results. The team at Bonasso & Kime Dentistry affirms that clear aligners work up to fifty percent faster than metal braces as a result of the revolutionary material and customizable retainers. 

Clear aligners are given in sets or series of trays. Each tray in the set will typically move your teeth by about 25mm before you move on to the next. This will continue until your teeth are correctly aligned by the end of the treatment.

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Other than the fact that aligners are created to take away some of the disadvantages when wearing traditional braces, here are more benefits of clear aligners for your teeth: 

1. Fast Results

They intend to cut down the alignment of your teeth in half the time they would when using braces. It’ll only take around six to 12 months for aligners to fix your teeth’s alignment issues, unlike braces which can take up to two years. As such, if you’re thinking about getting them for yourself, we recommend that you visit the Dentist in North eastham for the best services. 

2. Less Dental Appointments

Every aligner is to be worn for two weeks. For one-year treatment, you’ll be provided with 26 aligners in total. This reduces the number of times you have to go to your dentists, unlike with braces, which could require adjustments between four to six weeks intervals in the early stages.

This can be beneficial for those who are suffering from dental anxiety.

3. Discreet

Some people either don’t feel comfortable showing that they’re undergoing treatments for their flaws or just can’t tolerate discomfort. 

With clear aligners, people need to be so close to be able to tell the difference. You also won’t have to needlessly make a lot of adjustments and getting used to when eating and speaking as you would with those metal wires rubbing against the inside of your lips and cheeks.

On the other hand, teens would find clear aligners heaven-sent. Depending on the type of culture you were raised in, wearing dental braces sometimes isn’t a welcome sight to behold. You can just imagine how a teen trying to fit in with peers would feel wearing braces, with their self-confidence hitting rock bottom due to hormonal changes. 

Clear aligners help alleviate whatever insecurities teens may have by being able to smile without looking any different.

4. Removable

Aligners are removable. You can remove them anytime you want, although it’s still recommended to follow your dentist’s orders. Strictly speaking, they should be worn for a total of 22 hours per day. This gives you two hours without them for eating, brushing/cleaning, or just basically be ‘free’ for a few minutes.

With the removable clear aligners, you don’t have to skip eating some of your favorite foods and snacks, like chewy, brittle, and hard foods. This is for fear of them getting stuck between the metals of your teeth, which can be very difficult to brush or may compromise the braces’ effectiveness and functionality.

5. No Complicated Brushing

You’ll be able to brush and floss your teeth as usual as they’re removable; something you have to struggle with when you have braces fixed on your teeth. Improper brushing will be more risky for someone wearing braces as they’ll be more prone to tooth decay and infection. 

Cleaning the aligners will also definitely be a breeze. However, you may have to be careful with using a toothbrush when cleaning them as it can result in scratches. Rinsing them thoroughly would be enough.

What to Expect?

You should anticipate your orthodontist to take a digital scan of your teeth after the consultation. These 3D images will be the bases in creating your aligners.

This process ensures proper mapping out of your teeth’s gradual movement as the treatment progresses. These gradual shifts of the teeth allow for adequate control and timing of the applied force to reduce pain and trauma on the gums.

Parting Words

Perfect alignment of teeth is the ultimate result everyone is expected to see when using clear aligners. However, one must understand that the concern about the appearance would have to take the backseat. Why?

Correctly aligned teeth will have a lot of advantages when it comes to overall dental health. It’s going to be a lot easier to clean your teeth since brushing and flossing can extend to areas you wouldn’t be able to get as far as with crooked teeth getting in the way. Them being pretty to look at is just a big, fat bonus!