At times, dieting and working out does not cut it when we want to get rid of the stubborn fats in our bodies. Most of us struggle with areas where the excess fat will not go away in spite of our nest efforts. If traditional methods are not yielding results for you and surgery is not an option, then you have got to try fat freezing. This method of eliminating fats is done using a procedure known as cool sculpting, where a cooling technology is used to eliminate fats. Doctors can perform CoolSculpting in many areas; including the stomach or abdomen, your love handles or flanks, under your neck, on your back or bra area, on the thighs, belly area, on the male chest and arms, and to eliminate the banana roll under your buttocks.

How the method works

It all boils down to science. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures more than the surrounding tissues. The procedure targets fat cells under the skin and cools them to trigger their natural death. The procedure involves a lot of pressure and intense cold. Once the fat cells die, your body metabolizes them slowly and eliminates them from the body.

You will start to see changes from four weeks, and more pronounced results after two to six months. While some people may only need one session of treatment, others may need to make several visits to register the required results.

Its benefits compared to other methods of removing fat from the body

  • Fat freezing is a non-surgical procedure that will not require you to wait for weeks to recover. While you will be able to get immediate results with liposuction, the process is invasive, and surgical procedures do carry higher health risks. You also do not need to be anesthetized.
  • Unlike diet and exercise, which reduce the size of the fat cells, CoolSculpting gets rids of them for good. This can serve as a great motivation to continue your fitness journey so that you can maintain your newly found beauty.
  • The procedure is highly low-risk, so you can be confident about not contracting any infections in the course of the procedure. There is also no damage to the skin, tissue, muscles, nerves, and other surrounding areas because fats are more sensitive to temperature than your skin. They also undergo the death process before your skin does.
  • Doctors can treat more than one area of the body in a session, which means you can deal with most of your fat problem areas simultaneously.

While the procedure is suitable for persons of any age, it is recommended that patients be in good general health condition with no neurological and orthopedic problems. The skin areas also have to be free of cuts and injuries and any other skin conditions such as dermatitis, skin lesions, and varicose veins. The procedure is also not best for people who are significantly overweight or obese. If you are very sensitive to abnormal cold, the procedure may also not be for you.

As a part of a healthy lifestyle, we believe that any of these fat removing procedures are up to personal choice and should be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness and healthy eating options.