6.6 million Canadians hit the courts at least once in 2018. Along with its popularity across the nation comes amazing health benefits that make it a must in terms of adding it to any workout routine. From lowering your chance of cardiovascular issues to weight loss and the best exercises to do when you’re away from the court, here’s how you can effectively add the sport into your own regular workout routine.

Benefits to know about

In addition to being the perfect social activity that you can do with a friend or partner throughout your life, playing tennis also boasts a myriad of other benefits. In fact, one study suggests that those who play racket sports regularly may actually decrease their odds of dying of a stroke or heart attack, thus making it a good choice in terms of boosting heart health. And, if your workout goals involve losing weight, then tennis can be the perfect way to do so, as it involves a number of exercises that can help in your endeavours — such as short bursts of sprinting.

Solo practice skills

When it comes to actually incorporating tennis into your regular workout regime, hitting the courts is ideal, and it doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you don’t have a partner to practice with. In fact, perhaps one of the best ways to practice is alone, as you can make use of a tennis ball machine, which allows you to conveniently practice by serving you balls repeatedly. Since you don’t need a partner when using a ball machine, it’s a valuable way to improve your techniques, especially your ball and racket coordination. Practicing your serve alone can also be made possible by making use of a wall, which is perfect to serve against.

Away from the court? 

Practicing tennis at the court itself isn’t always ideal — especially if you live further away than you’d like. However, even when you’re not able to make it to the courts, it’s still important to stay on top of your game by incorporating useful exercises into your regular workouts. For example, squats are a great way to strengthen your muscles, as they’re used frequently while playing tennis, and there are other ways to practice and improve your tennis skills at home too. Practicing some simple yoga, for instance, with poses such as head to knee forward bends, can be great to supplement and gain increased flexibility, which is another staple in the game. 

Tennis is a popular sport in Canada, and it doesn’t have to be difficult for those looking to incorporate it into their daily workout routine. With a number of ways to practice alone on the courts and even at home, improving your game can easily be done on a regular basis.