Ready to change up your hair color? Here are nine of the year’s hottest hair color trends. From blondes to brunettes to color-dipped tips, you’ll be turning heads!

There are many ways to express your personality, from your clothing to your hair. Wearing a hot pink shirt, for example, conveys you’re not afraid of color. You’d like to make yourself and others happy and wearing pink or green is an easy way to do that! 

And it’s the same with your hair color! 

Why not dye your hair pink if it suits you? 

Or perhaps you’d rather keep it simple and stick with a darker blonde. The choice is yours! 

If you’re bored with your hair color or would like to try something new, I’ve got some ideas for you. Here are nine hair color trends that you’ll be dyeing to try by the time you’re done reading this article.

1. Dark Copper Highlights

If you have dark hair, consider getting copper highlights. This beautiful shade will complement your dark hair.

Copper is a pleasing color that adds something extra to an already lovely hair color like brown. You may not be ready to commit to auburn hair color, so this is a good compromise. 

This hair color seamlessly blends a dark brown with warm copper that looks amazing!

2. Chocolate and Caramel Balayage 

Balayage hair color is hotter than ever. If you’re not familiar with balayage hair color, it is hand-painted hair color. When getting balayage, a stylist hand-paints hair color instead of using foils. 

A hair colorist follows this method so that it results in a blended and natural hair color. And, of course, it looks beautiful! 

If you want to try balayage, there are many colors that colorists blend together. One such color blend is chocolate and caramel. 

Since both colors are similar, it’s not a drastic change. If you already have brown hair, it’ll be easy to add caramel to create a perfectly blended look and is one of the most popular hair color trends.

3. Muted, Solid Colors 

In contrast to balayage, solid colors in muted tones are also trending. Muted hair colors are not as dramatic as, let’s say, platinum blonde. 

Solid colors are just as fun as bright and bold colors. You could try onyx black or pale blonde if you’re interested in this hair trend. 

A muted hair color is also ideal because if you want to add more color in the future, you can do that. 

The exception is if you have a muted black hair color. It could take a while for a stylist to help you achieve blonde hair. The bolder the colors, the harder it is to transition to a new, lighter hair shade.

4. Dark Hair With Auburn Highlights 

Dark hair is stunning already. Couple it with auburn highlights, and you have a gorgeous hair color even blondes will be jealous of. 

Auburn is a warmer shade of red than copper and blends in nicely with dark hair. Since auburn isn’t a bright red, it also looks great when it fades. 

So, if you don’t have time to hit the salon for another month or so, your faded auburn highlights will still look attractive.

5. A Pretty Mix Between Blonde and Brown

No, you don’t have to choose between being blonde or brown.

Having a darker blonde with brown highlights creates a perfect mix of the two. 

Combining the two is an excellent trend for those who can’t decide between having brown or blonde hair. If you can’t make up your mind, why not give this hair color trends a shot! 

It’s a lovely shade of color that also happens to be easy to transition to only blonde or brown later on. 

6. Ash Blonde 

Ash-blonde is a unique blonde shade that has a white glisten to it. This hair color may remind you of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Beyond the TV show, ash blonde is a unique color that might be the shade for you. To become an ice princess or prince (or Daenerys sans dragons), give ash blonde hair a try! 

7. Blonde Melt 

Another stunning blonde color starts with you embracing your natural roots. If you already have blonde hair, then this hair color will be ideal. But if your hair isn’t blonde, there’s no reason why a stylist still can’t make it happen!

From there, a brighter and lighter blonde emerges and melts into the rest of your hair. 

The name of this hair trend alone sounds appealing, and that’s because it is! To make your hair look sun-kissed and radiant, try a blonde melt hair color. 

8. Rich, Glossy Black

Black hair color with volume and some faint highlights give it dimension. If you’re all about having a sleek and sophisticated look, go with glossy black hair color! 

Black is not for the faint of heart, though. Remember, it will take a while to back peddle to a lighter shade if you have dark hair. Even the most experienced stylists can’t make black hair blonde in a day. And if they do, you’ll likely have severe hair damage!

Hair disasters aside, you can’t go wrong with rich black hair color. Anyone who has this shade of black will steal the show wherever they go! 

9. Dip Dyed Ends 

Bright, colorful hair is all the rage these days. But, not everyone wants to dye their hair completely purple or bright pink! 

If you’d like to embrace a little bit of color, there’s a solution. Get dip-dyed ends

Dip-dyed ends mean getting a bolder color shade on the tips of your hair. Whether it’s pink or blue, there are all sorts of different colors to choose from! 

What’s fun about dip-dyed ends is you can still stick to your staple hair color. Then on the bottom, a bright color will make a statement! 

There’s also the option to have your stylist only color a portion of your hair. Ask to just have the bottom layer of your hair dip-dyed. That way, it would remain hidden unless you pulled the top layer of your hair up. 


With hair color, the possibilities are endless. You can transform your look however you’d like! Whether you go with a platinum blonde or a blend of colors, your hair will look incredible. 

So color outside the lines and let your stylist create an exquisite work of art in your hair. Chances are, when you try something new, you won’t turn back! 

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