If you’re someone who has a big appetite for seeing the world and going on a challenging adventure, then you’re probably a hiker. Hiking gives you the thrill that your body simply can’t get from a walk or a marathon. You may have tried to quench your ‘thirst’ by trying different sports, but it’s simply not enough. Who can blame you? As a hiker, you can say,  the whole wide world is your playing field. However, with so many places to choose from and with so many trails to step on, it can be hard to choose what  the best hiking trails are in the world that’ll give you good fitness.

Where Should You Go Hiking Around The World?


 1. The Inca Trail in Peru

Distance: 2.6 miles

Location: Near Machu Picchu, Peru

What Makes It Good For Your Fitness: Most people consider this hiking trail as a tough trek. The “Hike of Death,” which is a little past the mythical city, that’s considered by a lot of hikers as a dangerous trail. To make things more difficult, the trek is full of mist and clouds. Thus, hiking this trail will help you test your endurance and balance. Make sure you bring a good pair of boots for this journey.

What Makes It More Interesting: If you’re someone looking for a place to immerse yourself in a forest and valleys, then you should go to this trail. You’ll be able to see a breathtaking view that you might only see in pictures.


 2. Torres del Paine Circuit in Chile

Distance: 53.86 miles loop

Location: A couple of miles from Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas

What Makes It Good For Your Fitness:  This hiking trail is excellent for you even if you’re still a beginner. You’ll be hiking as high as a quarter of a mile, which can make you sweat and even make you lose weight. You can also go cycling or running at some points of the trek, which can help your cardiovascular fitness.

What Makes It More Interesting: If you’re someone who wants to be away from the pollution and noise, then start packing your bags. You’ll be able to see stone monoliths, natural cathedral, and Cuernos which are the only ones in the world.


3. Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand

Distance: 1864 miles long

Location: Stretching from North of New Zealand to South of New Zealand

What Makes It Good For Your Fitness: In this trail, you’ll enjoy the health benefits of walking in the forest and walking along the beach. The smell of the trees will help you improve your immunity and increase your vigor and liveliness.

What Makes It More Interesting: If you’re someone who wants to experience a new culture while exploring an out of this world forest and going through active volcanoes, then you should start planning your hike on Te Araroa Trail.


4. Tour Du Mont Blanc in France, Italy, & Switzerland

Distance: 100.041 miles

Location: It passes through Switzerland, Italy, & France

What Makes It Good For Your Fitness: In this trail, you’ll go through ascents and descents, which can be very beneficial to your whole body. It can be beneficial to your cardiovascular system, which can help improve your breathing. It can help you exercise your entire body.

What Makes It More Interesting: If you’re someone who wants to see a view of Western Europe’s highest peak, enjoy villages, and eat different European delicacies, then you should go to the Tour Du Mont Blanc.


5. Pacific Crest Trail in California, Oregon, & Washington

Distance: 2650 miles

Location: Highest peak of Sierra Nevada and east of the United States

What Makes It Good For Your Fitness: If you’re someone who’s not used to walking long distances, this trail might prove difficult for you. When going through this trail, your cardiovascular strength would be enhanced, become agiler, and it could help make your bones stronger.

What Makes It More Interesting: If you’re someone who wants to climb different peaks while going through various states and national parks. You’ll also experience nature at its finest.


6. Appalachian Trail, USA

Distance: 2174.799 miles

Location: Eastern  of United States

What It Does For Your Fitness: You’ll experience the different peaks, which can improve your cardiovascular system. Plus, you’ll also decrease your risk of having any heart diseases.

What Makes It More Interesting: If you’re someone who wants to go through the longest hiking footpath of the world, experience the feeling of simplicity and beauty while passing through different states, then this trail is for you.


Take A Hike

No amount can ever compare to the joy and benefits you’ll reap from hiking. It’s an adventure that you can enjoy while making your whole body healthy.

These different hiking trails can be demanding physically and mentally; this is why when going through them, you should be prepared. It’s best that when you go through any of these trails, you need to have the proper equipment and hiking boots. You can purchase hiking shoes and clothes made with Gore-Tex technology for additional durability.




Ray Jennings is a former steel mill worker who currently writes about work safety at Comfort Work Boots who sells clothes made with Gore-Tex. He also shares his passion about hiking that can be useful to his readers.