Did you know that about 30% of surveyed Canadians said that they have gained weight during the COVID-19 lockdown, and 21% have gained more than 5 pounds? If your diet and workout routines have slipped recently, you’re far from alone. This is one of the reasons that plastic surgery clinics across Canada are experiencing a boom right now. People are seeing double chins show up on Zoom calls. They’re also putting on the so-called Quarantine 15 and getting body contouring procedures and other alternatives to liposuction to help them try to regain their pre-pandemic bodies.

However, a lot of people are still not comfortable with a full-blown liposuction procedure. Can non-surgical options help you trim up? It’s certainly possible.

Noted Toronto Plastic Surgeon and body contouring expert, Dr. Stephen Mulholland, says that the ideal body contouring procedure candidate is “Someone with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30, and are about 10 pounds from their goal weight.”

Here is a look at some of the most popular alternatives to liposuction on the market today.


This is one of the most popular fat-freezing treatments for people looking to trim up their stomach and core area. A lot of people love this treatment and it’s not hard to find the success stories.

Basically, your CoolSculpting expert will apply non-invasive cool temperatures to freeze fat cells in your body, and then they will naturally exit your body.

It’s very popular and one of the most widely used options because it’s simple, painless, and requires very little downtime.

Venus Freeze

This is another very popular fat freezing technique.

These treatments typically take about 20 minutes to perform. For the best results, you will probably want to get one treatment a week for about 6 weeks.

People love this treatment because it also provides skin tightening, which makes it a popular go-to for patients dealing with unwanted cellulite.


Evolve is a popular option for both men and women, as it helps you trim problematic areas, while making existing muscle tone really pop.

The treatments utilize radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to safely help you achieve:

  • Targeted skin tightening
  • Permanent fat cell destruction
  • Noticeable muscle toning

Treatments can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated, and what the patient’s goals are.


EMsculpt treatments can basically give you the same impact as 20 years worth of sit-ups. They use high-intensity electromagnetic energy to create 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes.

That may sound incredibly intense and painful, but EMsculpt treatments are painless with no downtime.

Which one of these treatments is the single best solution? None of them, actually. The best results in non-surgical body contouring come from a combination of multiple treatments over time. Beware of anyone who promises you a magic single-source solution.

Different bodies will react differently to these treatments. So, your body contouring procedure provider should have a proven history of coming up with customized plans to help people get the results they want.

Don’t settle for anything less!