Looking to get buff and into shape this season? With the best pre workout meals and supplements, you’ll finally achieve that look you’ve always wanted for yourself, and you can start today. 

Here’s a list of meals and supplements from fitness and weight-training experts. 

Best Pre Workout Meals: Eats For Body-Building 

Bananas And Whole Grain 

Start with the “simple” because often, simple is what cuts it. For tip #1, your go-to should be bananas. Bananas’ simple yet healthy carbohydrates and potassium are sources of electrolytes that can combat cramps and muscle strains as you exercise. 

Instead of being hindered by such occurrences, this yellow fruit (or two) is all you’ll need. That, and whole grains. We’re talking whole grain bread and/ or cereals. Aside from containing a rich dose of protein without the excess fat, whole grains have Zinc and Magnesium, minerals that will aid in muscle maintenance and repair. 

Eggs, Chicken, And Veggies 

You’ve read stories about weight-lifters who would chug cups of raw eggs before heading to the gym. Only in your case, what you have to do is cook them. We don’t want you to build muscles at the expense of acquiring salmonella. Nope. 

Instead, have boiled or scrambled eggs. These, as well as boiled chicken, are great producers of protein and amino acids. 

Avocados And Berries 

Here are fruits that you won’t believe are amazing eats for a pre workout! Avocados and berries aren’t only low in fats and sugars. They’re also a good food source for strengthening your cells, and in turn, strengthening the overall performance of your bodily functions. These fruits protect your cells against damage which is a long-term effect you’ll want for yourself, and not only for working out. 

Furthermore, they have large doses of antioxidants for keeping your immune system healthy even as you expel energy while exercising. 

Best Pre Workout Supplements 


When it comes to battling fatigue and strain in your muscles, you can rely on Beta-Alanine. Since such muscle pains are but natural as you use said body parts strenuously when you’re doing your fitness routine, you should stop them from deteriorating into wear-and-tear through this supplement. 

Although studies have revealed that results frequently show up in the long run, you should still consider this as a helpful ingredient anyway. After all, your fitness mindset has to be aimed at sustainability. 


Creatine is a well-known ingredient in most (if not all) body-building supplements. It’s considered high in constituents for muscle power and strength. You’ll notice that most supplements contain Creatine because the general understanding of such boosters is that they’re for muscle mass and might— and this is exactly what it does. 


Finally, caffeine. An ingredient you’re already very familiar with. The very caffeine found in coffee and tea is a stimulant that awakens not only your senses but your muscles as well. More than this, researchers have shown that it supports body endurance and aids in the production of force-output for high-stamina activities. 
We’re sticking to this list of 3s for this part of the post because they are, by far, legal and safe (depending on their dosage) for the average weighted body. Still, feel free to do your own reading and see the best pre workout in the market as you do more research about body-building supplements.