Experts estimate that the average person losses about 50 to 100 hairs per day. While this may sound like a lot, you have to bear in mind that most people have anywhere between 90,000 to 150,000 strands on their scalp. Still, when the rate of your follicles replacement falls below how fast you shed those strands, noticeable hair loss will inevitably follow. It is in cases such as these that hair loss supplements in the league of Wellabs DHT blocker vitamins become massively relevant. But just how effective is it as a remedy for hair loss either due to stress, age, or plain ‘Ol genetics? Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

What is Wellabs DHT Blocker Vitamins?

As the name suggests, Wellabs dht blocker vitamins is a product of Wellabs  Inc – a supplement company that focuses on churning out organic and 100% natural nutriments. The idea behind these dht supplements hair loss additives is based on the fact that they are multiple reasons why you could be losing your precious strands. Some of these include;

  • Your diet
  • Your hormonal profile
  • Stress and emotional health
  • Genetics

While there’s very little you can do about the last one, Wellabs DHT blocker vitamins aim to correct hair loss and restore the health of your follicles by reducing the impact of androgens on your body while at the same time nourishing them with a suite of essential micronutrients to support their growth.

How Does Wellabs DHT Blocker Vitamins Work?

According to the manufacturer, Wellabs DHT Blocker vitamins employs a three-prong approach to solve the problem of hair loss in both men and women. This is realized by;

1. Blocking the Uptake and Utilization of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

For those who may not the familiar with the hormone, it is a derivative of testosterone which is responsible for male pattern baldness in most men over the age of 30 and females over 45. While hair loss can be undesirable aftermath of many things, DHT is usually the biggest culprit. In other words, by reducing the impact of dihydrotestosterone on your hair follicles, you can effectively arrest hair loss or, if you are lucky enough, regrow the balding or thinning spots. According to the supplement’s list of ingredients, this is realized through the inclusion of saw palmetto which is known to inhibit the uptake of the hormone consequently reducing the probability of hair loss.

2. Hair Tissue Repair

Reducing the impact of DHT is not enough if you hope to regain your crown of glory. It’s also necessary to repair the hair tissue that is responsible for the healthy-looking mane. For this role, the supplement deploys zinc which is one of the trace elements involved in repairing damaged hair follicles. Besides, bear in mind that zinc deficiency is among the leading causes of stunted hair growth in most people who don’t get enough of the mineral through a standard diet. Lastly, zinc is also a known antioxidant. As such, it may help in neutralizing the free radicals and other inflammatory particles that could be impacting the growth of your hair.

3. Delivery of Hair Thickening Vitamins

We all know that hair looks best when it is as thick and full as your genes can possibly allow. To combat hair thinning that comes about with age, Wellabs DHT blocker vitamins elicit the help of biotin, one of the most important water-soluble nutrients needed for building up fuller and thicker hair. You see, biotin is the main material for the synthesis of keratin – the stuff that your hair strands and nails are made of. In other words, you need enough of this vitamin to sport remarkably healthy and flowing tresses.

Notable Pros and Cons of Wellabs DHT Blocker Vitamins

Now that you know how the supplement works, let’s shift our attention to why it stands out from the rest of the hair-regrowth pills and tablets you are likely to stumble upon.

  • 100% natural ingredients – The company behind the formulation of this supplement prides itself in using only ingredients extracted directly from nature to manufacture its products.
  • Flexible pricing systems – Wellabs has tailored various pricing plans depending on a person’s hair goals and/or budget.
  • Clinically studied – The formulation of the supplement is based on solid scientific principles and research which increases its probability of effectiveness even further.
  • Recommended for vegans – The supplement does not use any animal-sourced ingredients which in line with the mother company’s values of manufacturing sustainable and cruelty-free products

Just like anything else, there are a few drawbacks associated with this hair loss remedy which include;

  • It may not work for you if you have advanced or severe hair loss
  • It can be significantly pricey compared to similar products in the market although subscribing to a bundle can help a bit with this

The Overview

It’s hard to come across hair loss remedies that employ a 100% natural approach to solving your balding woes. Wellabs DHT blocker vitamins is one of the few in this realm. While it can be relatively pricey in comparison, it could be worth every penny.