Cannabis, usually known as marijuana, is one of the most popular psychoactive drugs today. It comes from variants of the Cannabis plant and contains chemicals and cannabinoids, the most prominent of which are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Aside from its hallucinogenic and psychoactive properties, many scientists are also researching the health benefits and medical applications to enjoy cannabis, particularly its most active compounds.

Since the legalization of cannabis back in 2018, many people have been buzzing about where you can buy weed in Canada. Once you get your hands on some of it, you can try the methods below. Weed isn’t just for smoking!


Smoking or inhalation is the most popular way to consume weed. After all, it is the fastest way to experience the effects of THC. Inhaling cannabis into your lungs can pass directly into your bloodstream and induce that much sought-after high.

Below are some common ways to enjoy cannabis:

  • Blunts
  • Joints
  • Pipes/Bowls
  • Vaping
  • Bongs
  • Dabs

Despite being one of the most efficient ways to consume cannabis, smoking does come with some significant risks. No matter where it comes from, breathing in smoke damages the lungs.

Burning the cannabis plant alongside any additives like paper could cause you to inhale harmful organic and foreign material, causing eventual damage to your lungs.


If smoking and inhalation aren’t for you, you can try eating your weed. You’ve probably already heard of space brownies or brownies infused with THC. But did you know you can also add cannabis to many different kinds of food?

You can create cannabis-infused butter or oil and incorporate it into various dishes, from cookies and sweet treats to savoury pasta and meals.

You can also buy cannabis pills, tablets, capsules, and powder that you can ingest directly.

Since edibles, capsules, or tablets have to pass through the digestive tract, it will take some time, typically 30 to 60 minutes, to kick in.


A cannabis tincture is an alcohol-based extract that could be highly potent. Most times, they are intended for medicinal use. However, people end up using them recreationally due to their potency and ease of use.

One puts a small amount, usually a few drops or sprays, under the tongue, which is absorbed by your mucous membranes and released into the bloodstream.

Tinctures are usually administered via a dropper or spray form, making them a quick, easy, and inconspicuous way to enjoy cannabis.


If you plan to gain the medicinal benefits of cannabis, you can try using topical methods, such as creams, balms, lotions, or salves.

These cannabis products can be beneficial for relieving chronic pain, itchiness, and skin disorders. However, topicals will not get you high.

This is good for those who wish to gain the health benefits of cannabis without its other possibly uncomfortable or mind-altering sensations.

No matter the method you choose, prioritize your safety and those of the people around you. Consuming weed in whatever form best suits you could be an enjoyable and beneficial experience, so long as you stay smart and safe about it.