It’s coming up to summer, and everyone wants to get in the best shape for those long days on the beach and those holiday pictures.  Here’s our top five supplement to help you get your best body for the summer!


Creatine is a naturally occurring acid that is in all of us. However, it is synthesized and comes in the form of powder, liquids or pills.  Creatine will give you extra energy and also helps with muscle repair which is great during workouts, as it will help you run faster, do more reps, and hit new personal bests. Creatine also naturally occurs in food like meat, eggs and fish but it is a lot more powerful when it is in a concentrated form like a powder.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs will not only help you during your workout but will help you after your workout as well. Their basic job is to stop you feeling rough and having sore muscles after a hard workout. These are key to your workout routine, as it will help you spend fewer days off and more time working out. Aside from their main job of making sure you’re not sore, they also provide energy. To get the best from BCAAs, you have to have them throughout the day for best results.

Fish Oil

Many people have issues with fish oil, as many of the companies that make the product tend to add useless ingredients into the product. However, fish oil is great for your heart, blood circulation and your lungs. Fish oil contains a huge amount of omega 3 oils, the natural anti-inflammatory helps with easing joint and muscle soreness which could occur after a hard cardio session.


This is another amino acid that’s produced naturally in your body, and its main job is to maintain your muscle mass.  Buying this as a powder is a great idea as it is found in red meats and fatty foods which isn’t great if you’re trying to stay as fit as possible.  Glutamine powder maintains your muscle mass without the unnecessary calories and fats.

Whey Protein Powders

Pretty much anyone and everyone at the gym will be taking daily doses of whey powder, and all the powders are different. The key with whey powders is to find one that’s low in calories, high in whey protein and has few other ingredients. Make sure not to overdo the protein shakes, pancakes and whatever else you make. Your main source of protein should come from actual foods like meat rather than a powder.


Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria in your body. The balance results in healthy gut flora which boosts your immune system and digestive system. You can read in detail how probiotics help you to lose weight at Home Remedies for Life. The pages also contains reviews of the 5 best probiotics for weight loss.

Want to learn more about supplements? Check out this great infographic below by Supplements Direct.