Although it might seem easy, some people struggle to think of items that they need to bring to the gym. The last thing you want to do is bring a large bag packed with unnecessary items. Hauling it into the gym will almost be a workout in itself. But at the same time, you don’t want to forget the equipment you need for the gym either.

In actual fact, there is nothing that you really need to bring to the gym to workout. Sometimes people go overboard and waste money on purchasing items that they don’t need. So, we have come up with a list of things that will help you decide what to bring when choosing equipment you need for the gym.

Gym Bag

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a gym bag. The chances are that the bag will smell pretty bad after a few visits to the gym. You can easily use an old backpack that has been lying around the house for a few years or even an old duffle bag. As long as the material is good, and helps keep your gear inside it will do the trick.

If you shower at the gym, purchasing a toiletry bag might be a good idea. If the shampoo or shower gel leaks, it could destroy everything you have in your bag. By keeping these liquids in a toiletry bag it will help protect the content of the bag.

There are modern gym bags available that allow you to charge your phone. These high-tech bags have a power bank built into the bag so you can connect your smart device through a USB port. If you don’t spend a lot of time at home, you might find it difficult to keep your phone charged. The majority of people listen to music while working out, so it can be frustrating running low on battery.

Purchase a Gym Towel

Although some gyms provide towels for their customers, not all do. Even if they have towels, some people feel more comfortable bringing their own with them. Instead of bringing a bath towel with you, bring a gym towel instead.

Gym towels are smaller than bath towels so they will easily fit into your gym bag. They tend to be much lighter too, especially gym towels that are made from microfiber. These towels are simple to roll up and store.

Often, we are stuck for time, so you don’t want to be waiting around for a long time for your towel to dry. Gym towels dry much quicker than bath towels. Or you could be better off getting a quick dry towel which can dry quickly and you don’t have to wait. Mizu Towels are premium luxury towels that are perfect for this objective. Created with Artisanal Japanese towel crafting techniques, these towels are based on proprietary technology which allows them to dry 3X faster than the average towel.


If you are shopping for headphones you might find it slightly overwhelming. It seems that the market is overflooded with thousands of different devices nowadays.

Wireless headphones have become extremely popular recently equipment you need for the gym. They connect to your smart device via Bluetooth. The wires on traditional headphones can get in the way of your exercising, which is one of the reasons so many people are buying them. Sometimes people find it difficult to put the headphones in their ear without them falling out. This can be extremely frustrating while you are jogging on a treadmill or doing weights. You can however purchase wireless headphones with a clip-on. This clip helps the headphones stay in your ear while you are moving.

If your gym has a swimming pool, there are wireless headphones available that are waterproof. Instead of connecting to a smart device, there is an area for a micro SD card. All you need to do is download MP3 files onto the Micro SD card and put it into the headphone. Swimming laps in a pool will be much more fun when you are listening to your favorite tunes.

Water Bottle

Although most gyms have a water fountain that customers can use, bringing your own water bottle is a good idea. Avoid reusing old plastic water bottles and consider investing in a bottle designed to be reused.

If you are on a treadmill or a spin bike, you won’t want to stop drinking water, so having your bottle close by is vital.

Remaining hydrated while working out is critical. Drink plenty of water especially if you do a lot of cardio.

If you bring protein and other equipment you need for the gym with you, you should consider purchasing a shaker bottle.


Some people think that going to the gym is a place to show off their nice clothes and there is no issue with wanting to look good, but remember, you want to feel comfortable while you are working out. Make sure that the clothes that you wear are well fitted and breathable. Wearing uncomfortable clothes will make your workout session a nightmare.

Keep in mind it is fit over fashion when deciding what to wear. However, if you are into the latest trends, you can make custom-made labels to give you that unique look. The Dutch Label company makes it easy for customers to create their own labels and hang tags to help them avoid losing their clothes at the gym. Although most gyms have lockers so their customers can store their bags, it’s often the case that you will lose it or get it mixed up with another customer’s bag. To help reduce the chances of this happening you can label each item. For more information, click here.

Quality Shoes

Wearing comfortable quality shoes is vital for anyone planning on going to the gym. If you wear shoes just to look good but cause you pain, you could end up sustaining a serious injury.

Deciding what shoes to wear to the gym depends on what you are planning to do inside the gym. For example, if you are an advanced weight lifter, you should probably consider wearing shoes designed for lifting. Cross-trainers or running shoes are ideal for using the treadmill.

When you are purchasing a pair of shoes from the store, inspect the shoes thoroughly to see if it has the support that is needed to train. Test them out in the store before buying by walking around.

Workout Apps

There are a wide array of workout apps available on GooglePlay Store and the AppleStore that allow gym-goers to keep track of their progress. It is sometimes difficult to physically see the gains you have made, so following the data on your workout app will help you to see how your body is changing.

These apps are a great way to help you stay motivated and they can help you set goals. You will easily be able to look back in the future to see what worked for you and what didn’t.

Trying to remember off the top of your head how many reps and what size weights you did on your previous visit to the gym is difficult, so recording all of this data into a workout app will help you.

Some apps allow you to keep an eye on how many calories you eat throughout the day which is helpful for someone looking to gain or lose weight. You can easily input the data after every meal so you can keep track of your diet. These apps help you to maintain a healthy diet so you can have the best workout experience possible.