With most gyms all over the world closed because of the pandemic, everyone is trying to stay fit by working out at home. Exercising at home became the new normal. There’s an influx of workout videos made available online, courses to enroll online, and basically everything at the touch of your fingertips. But whether you are a seasoned gym enthusiast or a newbie, there will be some challenges that you may encounter while working out from home. To help you with that, here are some common challenges and how to overcome them: 

Lack of Time

Since you are at home, you can quickly get your time mixed up and tight. You might have been planning to do a full routine and end up skipping a lot of exercises so you can just get it over with.

What to do: Find the best time to exercise every day consistently. If your schedule forbids you to do so, squeeze a quick workout on your breaks. Exercises don’t need to be long, you just have to target the right muscle groups and know the proper workout. 

No Equipment Available

Most of us feel that we can’t do a proper workout at home if we don’t have the standard equipment we have at the gym. You may also feel unsure if your form is correct if you don’t have the necessary stuff to use. The good thing is you just need a few essential home gym equipment to make your exercises really work. You can easily substitute or get some of them.

What to do: You can substitute things that you have at home, or you can switch some exercise that doesn’t need anything. If you have the liberty to buy, here are few things that are necessary and affordable that will help you get a quality workout at home: 

  • Exercise mat
  • Dumbbells
  • Jump ropes
  • Resistance bands

No Motivation and You Don’t Know What To Do

You are tired from work, stressed from school, or really just couldn’t be bothered. It happens to all of us, but don’t let it get the best out of you. You can also feel lazy if you don’t know what to do and think that your exercises are not effective. 

What to do: Train yourself to be consistent and look forward to the exercise. Plan and arrange workout routines and have a clear goal on what you want to achieve. You can also get a workout buddy via video call or encourage anyone at home to join you. You can also look for an exercise routine or get an instructor to assist you.

Your fitness journey doesn’t need to stop even though there’s a lot of challenges. Working out can help you get healthier skin, boosts your mental health, improve your mood, and protect you from many health conditions. You don’t need a lot of time, equipment, and effort, all you need is discipline and motivation to make it work. Just make sure that you give yourself rest and do everything at your own pace.