Sports fans, rejoice!

Pro sports are slowly coming back, most notably with the NHL Playoffs officially kicking off in the hub cities of Edmonton and Toronto, August 1st.

Of course, Rogers Place itself is still closed to the public—so we imagine that you’ll most likely be watching the NHL Playoffs from the comfort of your own backyard!

Or maybe you’ll be on the outdoor patio of one of the many local restaurants that are playing the games on their TVs (#supportlocal)?

Whichever way you plan on watching the NHL Playoffs, it’s not every year that we get to celebrate playoff hockey in the beautiful, hot months of summer. Things are a going to be a little bit different this time around.

With that in mind, here’s our list of essential items you’re going to need to celebrate the NHL Playoffs in style this summer:

Which Jersey to Pick?

It goes without saying that you’re going to need an Edmonton Oilers jersey on while you watch the games.

As the top 2 players in the NHL, Connor McDavid jerseys or Leon Draisaitl jerseys are both great choices.

But if you’ve already got those 2 jerseys, might we suggest making life just a little bit easier for  restaurant server trying to remember which McDavid at your table ordered which beer?

Stand out by picking up a harder-to-find threads like a Ryan Nugent-Hopkins jersey, an Ethan Bear jersey, or maybe a Zack Kassian jersey!

The new Edmonton Oilers alternate jerseys also look AH-mazing! These sleek dark blue jerseys might officially be the Edmonton Oilers’ third jersey, but they’re our first choice.

Long Days, Short Sleeves

We don’t need to tell you that it can get toasty on an outdoor patio, especially when there are playoff hockey games happening at 10:00 am, noon, 1:00pm, 2:00 pm, and 4:30pm!

Don’t get us wrong, the nice, warm, Authentic Edmonton Oilers Jerseys are ideal for chillier days, but if it’s going to be 28°C and sunny, you’re doing to want something more airy and cool.

Might we suggest these Edmonton Oilers T-shirts? Made with 100% cotton, these are the perfect, casual, summer outfit during an Edmonton Oilers playoff run.

Keep A Cool Head

Hey, we get it: Playoffs are exciting, but don’t get hot-headed!

And by that, we mean protect your noggin while you’re in the sun.

These Edmonton Oilers hats are just the trick for keeping the sun off your dome and out of your eyes.

Stay focused on the game—instead of worrying if you’re going to end up with a sun burn by the second period!

Let Your Flag Fly

It wouldn’t be playoff hockey without every car in the city sporting Edmonton Oilers car flags (we think they look best in pairs of 2 or 4)!

Maybe it’s just us, but it just feels so magical to look down Whyte Ave and see a parade of orange flags waving in the wind as cars honk and celebrate the Edmonton Oilers’ latest victory—all while the majestic glacier- and waterfall-capped Rocky Mountain stand proudly on the west-end of the avenue, just beyond the University of Alberta.  .

All joking aside, with tons of other NHL teams in town, the constant presence of car flags is an easy way to remind those visiting teams just whose city they’re in.

If you’re not driving, (maybe you’re on foot or on bike), these Edmonton Oiler stick flags will do the trick too!

Give it 110%

What do we mean?

Well, we’ve given you the essential suggestions, but a true fan doesn’t stop there!

Get a Connor McDavid Funko-Pop for your desk at work, or maybe an Edmonton Oilers hoodie for non-game days, or maybe. Remember, your team needs you!

Edmonton Oilers wigs are always a hit, but if you’re enjoying the game with an ice cold beverage, might we also recommend this Edmonton Oilers Beer Mug? After all, nothing beats a local brew, on a hot sunny day, in an Edmonton Oilers cup.

Well… aside from the Cup itself.

2020 has been filled with a lot of uncertainty, but one thing we know for sure this year is that the Stanley Cup is being awarded in Edmonton.

Let’s Go Oilers!