The invention of automobiles has increased the convenience in your mobility requirements, but it also has produced its set of challenges. Whenever you set out on the road in a vehicle, there is always a potential threat of an accident because the number of car accidents has seen an unprecedented spike in the last few decades Car accidents can cause injuries ranging from minor ones like scrapes, bruises, and whiplashes to major ones like broken ribs, cracked skull, and internal bleeds. There are different ways to recover from auto injuries, and one of them that we often forget is the nutritional dimension of the healing process. Therefore, we have created the ultimate guide of essential nutrients that you must incorporate into your diet for quick healing after an auto accident injury.           

Add lean meat in your diet:

Recovery from injury requires repairing of cells, and proteins are the nutrients that boost the repairing and growth of new cells. Lean meat like turkey, sirloin, chicken, and fish plays is loaded with proteins; therefore, it is wise to include these meats in your diet to speed up the recovery. According to research conducted at the University of Ottawa, proteins narrow the gap between damaged tissues and quick repairing.

Add eggs and milk components in your diet:

Adding eggs, milk, and yogurt in your diet helps the healing process for two reasons; one is that they contain proteins like lean meat, and the second is the presence of calcium in them, which is essential for bone and muscle repair.

Moreover, calcium requires vitamin D for its proper absorption in the body, and luckily dairy products like milk and yogurt have inbuilt vitamin D. Therefore, you may not need to take the maintenance dose of vitamin D supplements separately to facilitate the absorption of calcium.

Add nutritional cereals in your diet:

Nutritious cereals provide the body with a mild quantity of zinc, which helps the body’s immune system. Zinc does not improve the tissue damage per se, but it helps other nutrients in doing their respective jobs. But, do not go overboard with the consumption of zinc because it can reduce your good cholesterol and suppress your immune system.

Moreover, fortified cereals also provide your body with the required dose of carbohydrates, which are vital for your recovering body. If your body has reasonable reserves of carbohydrates, it will not try to dive into the reserves of proteins to carry out its essential functions. Consequently, proteins in your body will be able to do their primary jobs in tissues and cells rehabilitation.

Add omega-3 rich fish in your diet:

When a particular part of your body goes through an injury, it results in ligament rupture or bone breakage, that is mostly visible due to the inflammation in the affected area. Omega-3 fatty acids can suppress such inflammations in your body that helps in your overall recovery. Therefore, add daily doses of fish, trout, and tuna in your diet because they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

It is not enough to take the prescribed medicine and taking rest after going through an auto accident injury because your body needs both medicine and the essential nutrients mentioned above to work in tandem so that a holistic recovery can be made.