The world has always had a special love for food and drinks and the celebration that so often comes hand in hand with these core fundamentals to life as we know it. Over the years, we have always had a steady relationship with the necessity and the excitement of nourishing our bodies with the foods and drinks that we not only love but that are best for us and our bodies. And, also over the years, we have seen many celebrations in food and drinks that have all made their impact and proven their value as beloved foods and drinks tenfold. Around the globe, there are many culinary masterpieces that quickly become cultural staples that the world steadily falls in love with. These are dishes and drinks that have been created in culture and celebration and have been beloved ever since. 

Taking a little trip in Italy

Without a doubt, pasta is one of the most beloved culinary masterpieces that has well and truly earned its reputation as a cultural staple. There is nothing quite like the aromatic smells of a delicious pasta dish as you experience the world around you and revel in the comfort of this wonderful home cooked meal. And this is even truer again if you are in Italy and are experiencing hand made pasta and pasta sauce from an authentic Italian restaurant set into the cliff sides of Italy or nestled into wine country in the Italian countryside. Taking a little trip to Italy is never complete without indulging in some pasta. And, over the years, the love for pasta has blossomed and flourished into an international culinary love affair.

A meal for anyone and everyone

Whether it is shirataki pasta or a stunning homemade beef and mushroom ravioli, pasta is a meal for anyone and everyone. It is for this reason – and so many others – that the love for pasta around the globe has persevered all the way up until now (and why it will continue to do so well into the future and beyond, if not forever). And it is even better when paired with the perfect wine and a slice or two of garlic bread or olive oil and bread to mop up all of that beautiful pasta sauce. Without a doubt, pasta is a meal that is well and truly for anyone and everyone. And it is a dish that continues to prove to be beloved not just in its home country of Italy but around the globe.

The comfort of well made pasta

There is a certain comfort that comes with digging into a bowl or a plate of well made pasta. This comfort is definitely one of the best ways for people around the globe to come together and bond, celebrating and enjoying life over a meal that is entirely made with love and the utmost respect for the ingredients and the origins of this now globally famous dish that hails from little Italy.