The Lifestyle Chase

We love the fitness and wellness community in Edmonton. There truly is not other place on Earth where the community comes together and supports one another like we do in YEG.

We’re excited to partner with Chris Liddle – co-owner of Invigorate Training – to introduce you to some of the people doing their part to make the YEG Fitness community what it is today. The Lifestyle Chase is all about what we see that makes our city special.

The Lifestyle Chase is a podcast that focuses on guests who are on the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle. We can only be our best when we are happy and fulfilled, the journey to get there is not always so straightforward. Each episode is set up to leave us with something valuable that we can take into our own lives and at the very least we learn something new about someone that we never knew about.

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Episode 28 – Dean Somerset

It was not a coincidence that I scheduled Dean Somerset to be on my podcast on my birthday. I mean, that was the day this week that he was most available to guest on it, but that’s beside the point. Regardless of what day it is today, it fills my cup to spend as much time with good human beings as possible. 

For anyone who doesn’t know, Dean Somerset has his BSc. Kinesiology, he’s a certified exercise physiologist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and medical exercise specialist. If you casually ask him what he does in the gym though, he might just say he’s a personal trainer. 

During certain times of the year, he travels around the world to share his wealth of knowledge that came from years of experience in the industry, a passion in the pursuit of learning, and just plain integrity in staying humble and being open to the lessons you can learn from everyone you meet in your life. In addition to presenting at conferences and summits, he creates a lot of material and releases a great deal of knowledge accessible to the masses. He’s a goto for continuing education.

He still works with clients one on one, out of Evolve Downtown for the simple reason that we enter this industry to be with people, face to face, and as such,  this still holds importance in his career. 

We talk about family influence, sports, high school life, cookies or ice cream, lasagna, pizza, dogs, and high fives.

I don’t really have to sell this episode to you, if you know Dean, you’re already listening to it. He’s a guy that many people are invested in and I am honoured that he shared his time with me today.

If you enjoy this one, send me a message, tag me in a post or give it a review and a rating. 

Episode 27 – Ryan McDonald

Episode 27 comes with a bit of a prelude to explain the echoing. The release was delayed by a few days (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER haha) because I truly went “full nerd” in my attempt to get rid of or reduce the echo. Once you get that minor detail behind you it was a really fun conversation.

Ryan McDonald is a local Realtor and is one of the most driven people I know. Let’s not forget that I know a lot of driven people. 

Before I go further, I want to mention I have appointed him as my official episode sponsor (so I mean, I just want to remind you he sells houses with the McDonald Real Estate Group).

That’s not what he’s all about though, he didn’t ask or a plug.

He talks about it in the episode how sometimes in our own selfish way it feels good to help people. He’s helped me in many ways in my career. 

We talk about family, his dad life, his love of pizza and the illusions that Vance Bosch has that he also loves Costco Hot Dogs. 

It’s a good one, you should give it a listen. Send me a message, let me know what you think. As always, ratings and shares help me out tremendously and I appreciate them greatly. 

Episode 26 – Jennifer Neilson

They call her “Bitchin’ Housewife” and if there is ever a Zombie Apocalypse her phone is going to light up with people in her life that knows when life throws you an obstacle you find a way to stop bitching about it and rise up. 

We really dive into what defines relentlessness. It will look different to everyone, maybe it will seem like our situation isn’t as big of a deal as someone else’s or perhaps it could feel like our situation is much more dire than anyone we know. 

Essentially it’s about this:

What do you do when shit hits the fan in your life? 

Jennifer has been an entrepreneur, she’s run long distance races while pregnant, she’s gone through the mental and physical roller coaster of a bodybuilding competition, she battles endometriosis, she’s felt rock bottom and she’s felt what it feels like to be at the top, she’s a mom. Did I mention she ran long distances while pregnant?!? 

We talk about just about everything you can fit into an hour of conversation and it is completely improvised. I also give away my secret formula to my relaxation baths and we give a bunch of people a shout out. 

I was very glad I got to have this chat and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

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Episode 25 – Mental Health Edition with Blake Loates and Michelle Bagnell

Mental Health.

They say not enough men talk about it. Or people are scared to talk about it. There are a lot of people who assume that a such a positive person couldn’t possibly be brought to tears when they think about someone they lost in a battle to mental health, as though battles are never faced by positive supportive people.

It’s hard to define, people have different experiences and it feels uncomfortable or in some instances it’s frowned upon to talk about the negative things in life.

Unless we talk about it, really dig deep into what it feels like, we can’t experience growth. When we can’t acknowledge or really own it when we are at a low in our mental health or when we can’t tell the story of how someone else’s mental health altered our lives, we can’t really experience the support we may need.

This episode is incredibly meaningful to me, and is amplified by the addition of my guests who both have stories of their own.

Listen in as I open up on the topic of mental health across the table from Blake Loates and Michelle Bagnell.

If this episode resonates you, pass it on, or share it. If you have a story of your own you’d rather share instead, I challenge you to share it with someone. We need to be okay with not being okay, because mental health is just as much a priority as physical and unless we acknowledge that it is there, that it’s a thing, and that it plays a role in everyone’s life, how will we ever fight life’s battles?

Episode 24 – Ula Kaniuch

Ula is such a good soul. She is someone I can really relate to on the topics of personal reinvention, the importance of thoroughly communicating with your people and the importance of having and mandating a “board of directors” or support circle. 

Nobody is really done learning, as in if you are the best version of yourself right now, that’s kind of boring. We talk about a lot of Ula’s ventures in her career, the things she’s gained from them and how she’s learned. We chat about Lululemon, how good Mountain Mike’s advice is (it’s good, trust me), and her journey as a dog mom. 

You should give this one a listen, I really enjoyed the chat. 

The Lifestyle Chase is available just about everywhere, and is also officially partnered with YEG Fitness. You can find it in the link in my bio, at, Spotify, Google Play, or Apple Music. 

I really appreciate it when you share the episode you are listening to, especially if you give one of your favorite takeaways. There are still some people in Edmonton that think I am just out here selling Dyson vacuum cleaners or something, but this podcast project is something that is incredibly meaningful to me. 

The next episode is coming out tomorrow. It is a two-guest special geared towards stomping on the stigma around mental health. It’s something where personally I will be really putting myself out there and so if you are listening to Episode 24, I need your help in spreading awareness when you get to Episode 25.

As always, thank you for the support. 

Episode 23 – Vance Bosch

Vance “Boomerang” Bosch definitely has more life experience than an hour worth of talking can fit. There is definitely more to him than meets the eye. 

In selecting a picture for the cover for his episode, all his photos were with his wife, Morgan. It says a lot about a relationship when all of your photos are with your partner in crime.

This loyalty and devotion is what is so impactful about what Vance is going to experience this year. Amidst business successes and personal growth that we all chase, Vance Bosch is going to be a dad to twins!

It’s a great chat and Vance is definitely one of my favourite people who’s had my back when I needed it so I hope you give this episode a listen. 

We gave more shout outs so perk your ears and turn the volume up. Let me know what you think, share as you listen on social media, and if you really liked it, go rate it on iTunes. 

Episode 22 – Ryan Jones

When Ryan Jones was an Edmonton Oiler he was one of my favourite players. From asking for cookies in exchange for autographs to getting the flight staff to scare Linus Omark on the plane, Ryan is a fun guy on anyone’s team.

We talked about what molded him into the individual he is and some of the obstacles he faced along the way. He spoke of how sometimes when something really frustrating happens it changes your life in a way you would never have expected but never want to have had happen any other way. 

Lots of hockey player shoutouts and I may have dropped a few names myself, so that means you’ll obviously have to listen to hear if we talked about you. You just never know.

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Anyone from the hockey world that is listening to this episode, please also go listen to Episode 18 with Tracey Kalbfleisch when you get a chance. 

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Episode 21 – Bradley James

Bradley James is a really good human being. He has met a lot of friends in various aspects of his life and from just starting to really get to know him I can tell I’ll want to keep him close as one of mine. 

In this episode we talk about everything from his high school experience to his time at the U of A. We talk about the difference between living in Toronto vs living in Edmonton as I know a few Edmontians have made that big move in 2018.

We chat about people who have really impacted him and we spend a lot of time chatting about Lululemon as well. 

Honestly, we could have totally made this episode 3 hours long. I’m a fan of this guy, as I am of all of my guests. 

You might also get to the point where you want to reach out to him, so I’ll just leave this here

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I am sure you will enjoy this episode as much as I did. Thank you for listening! 

Episode 20 – Chelsey Jensen

This episode was really fun because Chelsey is just such a genuinely positive person. Like anyone she burns out and has bad days but her attitude encourages people to show up with their best foot forward as often as possible. 

Attitude and Gratitude are our buzzwords on this one. #Grateful.

Something I have always admired about Chelsey’s attitude is that she has able to take on every opportunity she has been offered with the right attitude. It’s gotten her a lot of really amazing opportunities very quickly in her career and will continue to help her as she adapts alongside a constantly changing industry. 

We chat about all kinds of things with a big focus on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. We also chat about some people who have really helped her show up in life and the exciting experiences she has had through meeting the people she’s surrounded by. It’s all about finding happiness and we both agreed that happiness does not come from nice cars and big houses. 

If you ever want to play a pickup game of Shinny, give Chelsey a shout. She’s always ready to go. Call me up too if you do. I need someone that can teach me how to stop. 

Make sure to give this one a listen. I really appreciate when people leave a 5 star review on iTunes or share the Episode on social media. It helps me build an audience and spread my positive message to more people. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for listening!

Episode 19 – Jordan Jeske

Episode 19 is with a guest that I planned to host from the start. He’s a rock solid dude both literally and figuratively. 

Jordan Jeske has appeared on 3 other podcasts already, so you will be able to hear a lot of his story and get a different perspective by giving his name a good old fashioned google on the ol’ iTunes. I guess that would be a search though.

In any case, Jordan has always demonstrated a great deal of integrity and has a pretty big heart. Not mentioned in this episode are his initiatives to support causes close to his heart. He goes above and beyond for a lot of meaningful causes.

Jordan and I spend a lot of time talking about family, goals, and just the art of being a trainer and a normal happy friendly human being at the same time.

Thank you for giving this one a listen, and if you enjoy, I really appreciate it when people help get the word out there. 

Episode 18 – Tracey Kalbfleisch

It’s amazing what can happen in a person’s life and how they can be tested. It’s inspiring when a person’s hero is their child.  

Episode 18 was with Tracey Kalbfleisch sitting down on a couple mats in the middle of her studio at Sculpted Finery in Sherwood Park.

Get your old hockey sticks over to Peyton Kalbfleisch and place an order to support his passion and cause. All of the contact info is in the podcast and I am hoping they’ll be able to get a website up soon. I gave them some tips haha. 

I could tell you all about this episode and how we covered the topics of fitness, health, family, kids, social media, bullying, mental health, motivation, tough moments. I could tell you that this was one of the heaviest year’s of Tracey’s life. Or you could listen. 

This one was really good. It will leave an impact on anyone. 

Episode 17 – Rob Clark

Rob Clark is someone I consider to be a very close friend. He is definitely an individual with a lot of depth to his story and a great human at that. Rob is someone I like to call “good people”. You know his heart will always be in the right place and for that reason he has had a lot of big hearted people gravitate into his life. You get to learn that Rob is not just the Edmonton Oilers Anthem Singer, and he actually has about 46 other things that he does. 

We talk about a charity that is really important to Rob and his family and the link to get more info or support it can be found at .

Let me know what you think! I always greatly appreciate the shares these episodes get through social media and the 5 star ratings on iTunes so I just want to say thank you for all of the support!

Episode 16 – Amber Kupina

For this episode I wanted to enlighten my listeners on energy healing and what Amber does. 

Amber Kupina has been creating a community where people can be comfortable with the idea of working on themselves. Her style of healing is very reliant on the people involved being open to the process. 

We hang out with Frank and Shaggy, and talk all about healing and how it is integrated into her life and the lives of those around her.

Amber lives a very balanced lifestyle staying fit and eating nutritiously and has some very exciting goals planned for her future. We held her accountable on a few of them so give it a listen so you can call her out. 

Make sure to give this one a listen, and let me know what you think.

As always, all the shares on social media and five star ratings on iTunes are helping me build the audience for this project. My goal is to help more people to be better people through hearing the stories of others.

Episode 15 – Patrycia Rzechowka

Patrycia is extremely busy, but she made time for this on short notice and I think it says a lot about the kind of person she is. I really enjoyed chatting with her and I think that’s an amazing thing about being the host of this podcast.

In this episode we talk about how MS has affected her life and how she makes the most of every opportunity that happens to her. There is a lot of really good conversations you’ll want to hear.

I think of all the people I know, Patrycia does one of the best jobs of being a good human being. This episode talks a lot about her life with MS but it’s the kind of conversation that anyone can be a part of.

Being grateful for opportunity, feeling your emotions, needing community are all important takeaways. This was another one where a bunch of people got shout outs. 

If you are enjoying these podcasts, it really makes my day to see them get shared on social media. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this one. 

Episode 14 – Michael Cameron

As you will soon catch on, we were running for this whole podcast. Literally, running. Michael is a pretty cool guy who is up to some amazing things. He is successful in his business but life has shown him the true pursuit of happiness and he spends his days working on his commitment to #makebeautifulshithappen . 

You’re going to learn more about his story, but there’s a lot that we didn’t get to talk about so make sure that you check out

In addition, we didn’t get a chance to talk about this but for two years in a row now, Mike has organized an Ignore No More Run. It’s worth looking up. This past year it was in support of the SAIF society. 

We learned today that if you want the podcast to be shorter than an hour, you just have to make it a running podcast. 

Episode 13 – Farha and Naheed Shariff

Farha and Naheed have seen me completely reinvent myself over the years and chase my goals relentlessly. They are huge supporters in my life and so it was really fun to spend some time with them and the kids (AND FUSCHIA!!) for this podcast. 

Farha is a high performing individual with her Doctorate in Education. When she isn’t educating at the University of Alberta, she unwinds and gains clarity through instructing and coaching spin and boxing at Cyclebar and Champs boxing studio. 

Naheed has done very well for himself as a businessman and accountant. With a balanced approach geared towards making the people around him perform at their best, he has found a lot of success in creating strong teams and being innovative as often as possible.

We talk about everything from fitness to family to the tough things that life throws at us, the tough decisions and the fact that Naheed has more shoes than Farha. 

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this one!

Episode 12 – Kristina Botelho

Have you ever took a big jump in your life simply based on a strong self belief? A gut feeling?

I really enjoyed getting to chat with Kristina because she has a strong sense of self belief which has been a very empowering characteristic for her. She is also really good at being herself which is extremely important. 

She balances her business, her family, and maintains an active and healthy lifestyle all while always striving to be better. We talk about the dragon that burnt up the yellow brick road, and we talk about the new Netflix series called “Hey It’s Me KB” where they don’t ever show KB until the last episode of the 9th season (kind of like a new How I Met Your Mother). I kid – I kid. Let’s face it though, we’d all watch the show, I mean you’re listening to this podcast because of the KB and Co Instagram account. Let’s be honest! haha

I think you knew this was going to be a good episode, so I hope you are already giving it a listen. Let us know what you think! 

Episode 9 – Dao Haddad

Dao is someone who can light a fire under your ass without even trying. The best part is it comes natural to her. It’s all about being accountable to the fact that you have a potential that you are in control of. It is up to you to be the change you want to see. Sometimes life throws us into a situation where we have to grit our teeth and just move forward. If every day is a step forward then we are unstoppable. Dao is definitely someone who I consider to be unstoppable and absolutely someone who is creating the change that she wants to see in the world. She has a really good perspective on life and an attitude that enables her to be an enabler of others. You should listen to this one. You should also go to her boxing class. 

Episode 8 – Shane Fennessey

The very first podcast I got to be a part of was Shane Fennessey’s City of Champions. He helped me launch mine and has been a big supporter in all of my ventures this past year.

Shane is one of my favourite people because what you see is what you get. Put him in any room with a variety of people whether they are well known celebrities or someone you have never heard of. Place him in any sitation, whether it’s his first time trying it or it’s something he is good at and he is just himself. He’s very respectful of others and strives to consider what another person could be feeling in a situation. His mom did a great job raising him. 

Shane is no stranger to career transition, he embodies what it is to be chasing a lifestyle and for that reason you should definitely give this one a listen. Make sure to also check out his podcast, City of Champions.

I need to mention, “Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story” was just released and Shane was the co-producer. It’s a pretty big deal to be able to see your name on amidst so many other big names. With quite a few projects on the horizon, you should definitely have Shane on your radar if you don’t already. He was also recently on the cover of YEG Fitness magazine, so ladies, he’s not just an ambitious lifestyle driven thoughtful good friend, he also takes really good care of himself. Just saying, if you can catch up to his hustle

Glad I got the chance to sit down with Shane for another session of “Chris and Shane shoot the shit at Shane’s place”, I’m sure he’ll be back for another episode down the road. 

Episode 7 – Tim Gourlay

This episode features the founder of Fitset, Tim Gourlay. Fitset is essentially a multi-studio gym membership that enables people to try a variety of different studios and classes around the city. Tim was one of my supporters for my Goal Crushing Event earlier this year and it’s always fun working together with him on different things. I ran into some technical difficulties with two different micro usb cables on this one so we have some extra banter but what kind of podcast would this be if we didn’t admit when things didn’t go as planned? Fun fact, this episode was recorded in the middle of the old Sears store at Kingsway Garden Mall. Also, Tim streamed it on Intagram Live, so we had that going for us. Enjoy this very authentic episode and be sure to subscribe!

Episode 6 – Layne Mitchell

This episode was good. REALLY GOOD. Any parents of young kids or even just fitness enthusiasts should really listen up because Layne has a daily routine that is worth learning a thing or two from. His journey that essentially thrust him into making healthy lifestyle choices makes you think twice about what we are eating or how we are spending our time in our lives. It’s easy to eat shitty food when you can get away with eating shitty food. It’s easy to make excuses and say we are too busy, not only with our nutrition and fitness but also in our relationships with loved ones. More and more we are finding people are getting health complications physically and mentally and it all comes down to how we are treating our body. From the radio to lifestyle to Layne’s ongoing pursuit towards being the best dad he can be, Layne shares it all. You’re going to love the audio quality on this one. Helps when you get to record it at Sonic 102.9. Thanks Layne!

Episode 5 – Ruhee Kassam

Episode 5 with Ruhee Kassam was done in her Audiology studio. But the microphone was sitting on top of my laptop, so that’s why you hear the weird buzzing noise. An otherwise flawless audio experience. 

Ruhee is someone that has seen me go through a TONNE of personal growth and when you listen to this episode, you’ll learn that personal growth is the name of her game. She’s all about that self awareness, self-love, attitude and an incredibly authentic human being. Also, you should see her Drake challenge video.  

We gave a lot of shoutouts to local businesses and inspiring people we both know. You’re going to want to give this one a listen. It has a really good message that should resonate with you.