Becoming a mother is going to change your life forever, and it is one of the most important moments in many women’s lives. That being said, the process of going through a pregnancy and giving birth can affect a mother’s appearance as well. Many mothers are left with a variety of cosmetic issues ranging from stubborn body fat to deflated breasts that hang low on the chest. If you are currently struggling with those types of imperfections, then you might be the perfect candidate for the mommy makeover procedure. Over the last few years, that combination operation has become incredibly popular, and it could be exactly what you need to restore your pre-baby body.

Why Undergo This Combination Procedure?

There are many different reasons why a mother might want to consider having a combination cosmetic operation carried out. The mommy makeover before and after photos should show you just how dramatic the results can be, and those improvements could last for decades with the proper aftercare. By carrying out multiple operations at once, you will only have to worry about one recovery period. If you decide to undergo each individual procedure once every few years, then you could spend months recovering. This cutting-edge combination treatment will allow you to quickly and safely restore your body and rebuild your confidence during a single appointment.

Dealing With Excess Fat and Skin

One of the most common cosmetic issues that mothers deal with is excess soft tissue. After you go through hormonal changes or your weight fluctuates, there is a very good chance that you will be left with some stubborn body fat and loose skin. Staying as healthy as possible while you are pregnant will reduce your risk of developing those cosmetic problems, but almost every mom will notice some distinct changes to the midsection. One of the most effective ways to restore the appearance of the midsection is to have a tummy tuck carried out. As you can see from the mommy makeover before and after images, liposuction can be added to the makeover as well. Liposuction is the leading treatment option for localized pockets of fat that aren’t responding to dietary changes or exercise routines.

Restoring Your Breasts

Becoming a mother might also have a big impact on the size or position of your breasts. Some mothers struggle with deflated breasts, loose skin within the breasts, or asymmetrical nipple placement. Luckily, all of those individual issues can easily be taken care of during your combination treatment. For deflated breasts that are no longer as full as they used to be, surgeons will typically suggest the breast augmentation procedure. That operation involves the use of silicone or saline implants to enhance the size of the breasts and improve their symmetry. In healthy patients, modern implants often last for 10 years or longer, and the effects are going to be seen almost immediately.

The breast lift is another good option for breasts that are asymmetrical or hang too low on the chest. Instead of adding implants to the breasts, the surgeon might want to reposition the existing tissue. By pulling the tissue higher, the breasts are going to appear perkier and well-balanced. Some patients even have both of these operations carried out at the same time to completely transform their breasts.

Getting Started With Your Mommy Makeover

If you are interested in one of these combination procedures, then you need to schedule your first meeting with a cosmetic surgeon. A skilled surgeon is going to listen to all of your concerns and come up with a treatment plan that helps you achieve your cosmetic goals. They can also further explain the pros and cons of each individual procedure so that you can decide which operations are right for you.