While mastectomies are more effective than ever, that procedure can have a large impact on a woman’s confidence. Quite a bit of tissue might need to be removed, and that often results in uneven breasts. Even if you are getting a double mastectomy, you might still want to consider undergoing a cosmetic procedure to restore volume and enhance your bustline. Implant-based breast reconstruction surgery is an excellent option for anyone who would like to restore the appearance of their breasts following a mastectomy. As an added bonus, it can sometimes be carried out during the mastectomy itself so that you don’t have to go through multiple recovery periods.

Reconstruction Options Without Implants

Even though implants are a great option in many cases, you might want to consider some other treatments as well. If you and your surgeon have decided that you would be a good candidate for a lumpectomy, then you should take a closer look at the partial breast reconstruction procedure. Instead of adding an implant to one or both breasts, your surgeon would simply adjust the soft tissue after the initial mastectomy. Following the partial breast reconstruction surgery, your breasts are going to appear perkier and well-balanced. It is typically an ideal operation for mastectomy patients who aren’t interested in enhancing the size of their breasts and will only have a relatively small amount of tissue removed.

Using Implants Following Your Mastectomy

There are a few different implant options for mastectomy patients, and you will need to speak with your surgeon if you want to learn more about what is going to take place during your own breast reconstruction surgery. As a general rule, the implants can be placed in the breasts during the mastectomy, but that isn’t the best option in every situation. Your surgeon might suggest that you have a spacer placed in one or both breasts during the mastectomy so that the implants can be inserted later on. That is often required if quite a bit of tissue is going to be removed or the patient will have to undergo additional mastectomies down the line.

What to Expect Following Your Reconstruction Procedure

Every breast reconstruction surgery patient has a slightly different recovery, but most should expect to spend at least a few days in bed while the soft tissue heals. After that time, you will most likely be able to move around as long as you are extremely careful. Once the soft tissue has begun to heal, your surgeon must meet with you for a follow-up appointment so that they can ensure there are no complications. That follow-up appointment will also provide them with the opportunity to give you further instructions regarding your recovery. For most patients, all of the side effects will completely subside by the fifth or sixth week. At that time, you should be able to resume all activities, and that includes exercising. Even if there are no complications, your surgeon will ask you to schedule regular checkups to ensure that you are remaining healthy.