PRP therapy has been emerging recently and is a minimally invasive procedure that promotes soft tissue regeneration. It plays a vital role in alleviating the pain and offers an optimum healing process to various injuries. 

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Is PRP therapy safe?

PRP therapy uses the PRP from the patient’s blood and the blood is used as PRP injectables. Besides safer procedures, it is proven to be effective and reliable as well. 

It can reduce inflammation and pain in injured areas, speed up the healing process of injuries and boost the repair of damaged tissues. 

Five perks of PRP therapy

Since PRP therapy does not put man-made substances inside your body and is also a non-surgical process, it is considered a great way of healing damaged tissues and other problems. Here are the best benefits of PRP therapy. 

1. It is safe and uses platelets from your own body

In this procedure, patients don’t even have to go through surgery, nor are they injected with any foreign particles. It’s a very natural form of treatment and has been in use since the 1970s; therefore, you can safely rely on the procedure. 

2. Long-lasting results

PRP therapy results may take about 3 to 4 weeks to show up but last for a long time, between 10-12 months. It can heal chronic pain in the knee or back, which is very difficult to treat. 

3. Heals sports injury

People who play sports regularly know the muscle pain they go through every day. This form of therapy brings relief to affected joints, ligaments, and other tissues and muscles. 

Ligament tear often takes time to heal and can be extremely painful. It can stop the player from getting on the field for weeks, if not months. it speeds up this process and fixes these tears. 

4. Treats delicate areas

The best thing about PRP is that it can reach delicate areas such as the under part of the eye where lasers cannot be used. Under the eyes, it can be used to erase wrinkles and signs of aging. 

5. No required downtime

In most surgeries, the doctors ask you to rest a couple of days or more before getting back to your everyday life. That isn’t the case with PRP therapy. You can immediately go back to living your life. 

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