If you’ve ever been in love, actually describing the sensation is probably quite difficult. A complicated bunch of emotions are unleashed when we find ourselves blissfully happy with a partner.. At one end of the scale, you might feel so excited about your status you want to tell the world about it. On the other hand, finding love online is something which will just provoke a quiet contentment, a calm reaction that all is well in your world. But love will bring definite benefits. So putting aside the heartfelt poetry and song lyrics, what really happens to your body and mind when you enter into a meaningful relationship?

Maintaining a positive mental outlook

If relationships are good for your body, they are even more valuable for your mental health. Scientific research into this whole area has revealed some interesting results. Single people are more likely to undergo stress, perhaps because they find themselves fretting about finding partners. In turn, this can lead to issues such as depression. For couples involved in what are aptly termed healthy relationships, the very fact they are enjoying fun and intimacy with someone else is enough to keep a smile on their faces. Being in love isn’t just about ethereal feelings of ecstasy and joy. It’s about enjoying mental and emotional stability.

Look after your heart

Again, those inquisitive medical research teams have found out single people are less likely to have good cardiovascular health. When you live with someone who brings you happiness, and you relish good times together, your heart will not be subject to the same stresses and tribulations of singletons. Regular intimacy, sending adrenaline through your system, is excellent for your heart and for your blood pressure. Sex will help maintain optimum levels of estrogen and testosterone. One particular study discovered men enjoying physical relations twice a week were half as likely to suffer heart attacks as their counterparts whose intimacy was far less frequent.

Sharing the need to stay healthy

When you are in a relationship you have someone to bounce off when it comes to seeking inspiration to join the gym, indulge in exercise, and pay close attention to keeping up a healthy diet. You’ll be less likely to rely on convenience food, as you take the opportunity to impress your partner with tempting but healthy meals.

Chemical highs

It’s no coincidence that oxytocin is often referred to as the ‘love hormone.’ When you are close to someone who excites you, especially when you’re snuggling up to your partner, your body will naturally release certain chemicals. Oxytocin. Adrenaline. Dopamine. Vasopressin. These all make you feel relaxed and at ease with this person. Oxytocin especially will invoke feelings of intense bonding with your loved one. This is the same chemical produced by women when they are nursing infants. This creates a strong sense of togetherness, and when two people are getting physical in the bedroom, it will have an even more potent effect.

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