As you grow, signs of aging become apparent on the whole body, but these are more prominent on the face. Facial muscles and skin become loose and saggy, which makes the person have an old appearance. However, due to modern techniques and advanced developments, the medical field is now able to turn impossible work into a possible one. The facelift is one of the wonders of plastic surgery in which loose and saggy muscles and skin are tightened, by a special plastic surgical procedure, which makes the person young and beautiful. This surgical procedure gives a natural fresh look to the face. These natural-looking facelift results in Beverly Hills can be done by the best cosmetic surgeons in the area. The following are the two types of facelifts offered in Beverly Hills.

Mini Facelift:

A Mini facelift cosmetic surgical procedure is best suited for those who have a mild level of loose and saggy skin. In this procedure, a cosmetic or plastic surgeon tightens the saggy skin and facial muscles through a small incision over the face. This surgical procedure is less invasive as it involves small areas and small-sized incisions. These small incisions are usually given along the hairline and in the natural skin creases which makes it easily hidden. Through these incisions, the cheeks are tightened, the jaw line is refined, and a tired appearance is corrected.

Standard Facelift:

The standard facelift is a cosmetic procedure designed for moderate to advanced aging symptoms. The standard facelift is sometimes also called a traditional facelift, as it involves the mid-face as well as the neck. The standard facelift is extensive as compared to that of a mini facelift as the area involved is larger and the incisions given are more extensive. Incisions are given behind the hairline, starting from the temples, and around the front of the ears. Through these incisions, the plastic surgeon corrects the deeper tissues and removes the excess skin to correct the old appearance of the face. As it is an extensive and invasive technique, its results are also dramatic and the recovery is prolonged as compared to the recovery period required for mini-facelift.

Facelift cosmetic surgery is best suited for:

• Healthy individuals who do not have any medical conditions that would impair healing, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, etc

• Non-smokers

• Individuals with positive goals in mind and are determined to keep the results

Facelift surgery is not good for:

• There will be no use of facelift cosmetic surgical procedure, when done as a restorative surgery. This procedure will not change your fundamental appearance and it will not stop the aging process.

• The facelift procedure can only be done surgically; minimally invasive procedures are of no advanced benefits

• Some minimally invasive techniques do not give the expected benefits, such as stem cell facelift

What to Expect During Consultation

During the consultation, at Calabria Plastic Surgery clinic, you will be assessed thoroughly by your plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons will assess you and ask for your requirements. After an assessment, the plastic surgeon will explain the options that are available, so that you get your desired results. It depends upon a number of factors, such as whether mild or moderate intervention is needed, age, and other underlying illness. Then, you will be given the date of surgery after specific tests to assess your health condition.

What to Expect on the Day of Surgery

At Calabria Plastic Surgery, the standard facelift is carried out under general anesthesia in an operating room. A mini facelift, however, can be carried out under local anesthesia with sedation. After the anesthesia, an incision is given and the soft tissues and muscles are separated. This allows the plastic surgeon to reach the deeper connective tissues. The firmer foundation of the skin is created through this exploration. Then, excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is laid back precisely. This gives the face a smoother, more youthful, and natural looking appearance, without over-tightening of the facial skin. 

These natural-looking facelift results in Beverly Hills are admired by many in the area. When done by the best team, the facelift surgical procedure is a safe and the best way to make your face young and fresh when affected by the aging process. 

Recovery after the procedure

Fully recovering from the mini-facelift usually takes very little time as this procedure is localized and is targeted at a specific area of the face. However, recovery from the standard facelift takes some time, as this procedure is extensive and involves the face and neck. You can get back to your normal life after 3 weeks. However, you have to avoid strenuous exercise, for about 4 weeks after the facelift surgical procedure. Bruising and swelling are common after facelift surgery which will peak after 2 days of the surgical procedure. However, bruising and swelling will subside in 10 to 14 days. Your plastic surgeon will guide you when you can use makeup on your face. You will have to care from going out of the sun as facial skin will be vulnerable to sunburn after several weeks of the surgery. Wear a hat and apply sunscreen when going out. 

For keeping the best results years after this surgery, you have to be careful about your the diet. You will also have to adopt a quality skin regimen to keep your results.