The Slow Carb Diet is a health regime made popular by Tim Ferriss in the book The 4-Hour Body. The Slow Carb Diet is similar to “paleo” diets in the foods it allows (although it does not allow fruits), and focuses on high protein, minimal carbs (mostly in the form of vegetables and legumes) and omits processed foods. Here are some great tasting healthy foods that will get you started.

Protein (30 in 30)
Protein is largest component of the slow-carb diet. Protein-rich sources include beef, fish, chicken, and eggs.You should consume 30 grams within 30 minutes of waking in the morning. The easiest way to follow the 30 in 30 rule is to make eggs or a protein shake in the morning.

Nuts (Limited Quantities)
While nuts are perfectly acceptable for the slow-carb diet, they are extremely calorie dense and should be consumed in limited quantities. Ferriss calls these domino foods as they are easy to over-consume in a short amount of time.

Cooking Oils
This diet prefers these types of oils: olive, macadamia nut, and grape seed. Use these oils for cooking, or even consume them as a healthy salad dressing.

Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese is the only dairy product allowed on the slow-carb diet. The reason for this is because cottage is the only cheese where enough whey protein remains after straining to balance out the other nutrients. Other than cottage cheese, remember that all other dairy is off limits.


Vegetables are free to consume in mass quantities, with the exception of starchy vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams). In fact, Ferriss recommends over-consuming veggies to counterbalance the lack of fast-digesting carbs.

Lentils (Beans and Peas)
Lentils can be substituted for traditional sides for meals. These foods will provide energy throughout the day without wreaking havoc on your waistline.

Cheat Day
Finally, Ferriss recommends taking one day per week and declaring it a “cheat day”. On this day no restrictions apply, and you are free to eat as much of whatever you want. Wings for an appetizer for pizza, and then ice cream for dessert? Go for it. The cheat day serves two purposes: it will keep you from straying from the diet the rest of the week, and it will prevent your body from going into starvation mode.

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