Basketball isn’t one of those major pro sports where you can really afford to slack on your fitness. You can’t doze off in the outfield or spend half of the game on the bench while your teammates defend. The famous proverb ‘Survival of the Fittest’ apply aptly on a sport like basketball. The teams as well as the players have to pay high attention to keep at top of their fitness. Let’s check out some of the fittest basketball players that many basketball enthusiasts would like to follow to know about their training regimen. Ballers Republic is yet another source to know more about basketball news.

1.      Lebron James, Lakers

It seems an impossible task to measure James’s consistently high level of excellence. He has stayed at the top of rankings for six consecutive years. Since he won his second Finals MVP award at 27 years old, his hold on the number one player spot has been unchallenged. He is a fixture in the All-NBA First team choice selection and has no problem leading his team through to the Finals every year. Now, at the age of 33 years old, he maintains his impressive stats and shows no sign of slipping.

2.      Kevin Durant, Warriors

Durant might be a little tired of always being runner-up. Next year might be the time for a change-up as James might be thinking of retirement. It is not entirely written in stone though because other players like Davis and Antetokounmpo are snapping at his heels on their progression to the top rank.

3.      Stephen Curry, Warriors

It is easy to forget how quickly Curry progressed from being a very good player to absolute domination as an ultra-elite one. For the previous three years to this, he rose rapidly up the ranks from a starting position of 15. He is the reason the Golden State has remained supreme in the NBA for as long as they have. He is one of the best, if not the best, offensive players in the league. Why he has never been able to ascend higher than the top three might be due to his limited capacity on defense along with some inconvenient injury issues.

4.      James Harden, Rockets

In the past few years, Harden has been able to boost himself up the tier through an impressive MVP campaign. This has given him significantly positive word of mouth, and this is on top of an excellent record of leading Houston to 65 wins. He has every reason to expect to continue up to the top three in the rankings.

5.      Anthony Davis, Pelicans

Even after some injury setbacks, Davis was able to blow away the competition with his impressive 20/10 average. He looks as though he will continue to be a Top 5 player for a few years to come. He is a talented team player that has continued to solidify his career with every passing year.

Holding fast just outside the Top 5, Giannis Antetokounmpo looks set to hold on to his coolest player title. Russell Westbrook continues to perform as a prime athlete as well.