The world has been rapidly evolving to make cannabis and its products more legal and more accepted. A number of countries worldwide and states through the US have relaxed the laws on purchasing and consuming products, for both medical and personal purposes. Extensive research has been conducted to prove the medical properties that cannabis has and people worldwide are purchasing products like CBD oils to treat various ailments.

But it is not only CBD products that are becoming more accepted and legalized, but cannabis products too. A number of countries, including South Africa, Uruguay, and Georgia have legalized the recreational and medical use of weed. There are restrictions on this in each country, however; in some cases restricting the cultivation or selling.  In Canada however, weed has been legalized across the board. 

So, if you currently reside in Canada, and are looking to start purchasing weed for the first time, you might need some guidelines to help you along. Not only will you need to know what strain you are looking for, but you will need to know where to look, what strength you are looking for and what kind of product you want. We are here to help. Below are our guidelines for how to buy weed online in Canada

Choose Your Dispensary 

The first step to take is to choose where you will be buying weed from. Not only are there a number of brick and mortar stores to choose from, especially if they are in your neighborhood, but you can buy online too. Online retail is incredibly popular for a Canada weed dispensary due to its convenience. Buying online is quick, efficient and simple. The payments are secured and easy and you can get your products delivered at your door. 

There are a number of dispensaries to choose from, and you can spend a bit of time researching each one to make your selection. We recommend opting for one that offers as much information on your product as possible. This isn’t too difficult to find, as most of the owners of the stores are highly passionate about the product and have a wealth of information to share. There is often detailed descriptions of each strain, the potency, who should be purchasing it and how it will help and impact you. 

Many dispensaries also offer discounted prices if you choose a number of products, or if you choose to mix and match. This helps when you want to try a new product and are unsure whether it is the right fit for you. So, look for sites that offer the following:

  • Free shipping for larger orders; 
  • Discrete shopping and shipping; 
  • An instant chat option to discuss products with the store; 
  • A large variety of products, strains, and options; 
  • A great review section; 
  • Free samples and an option to mix and match. 

Decide On Your Strain 

There are a number of strains of weed for sale for you to choose from. Each strain has a different effect on a person. So, before you buy your product, decide what you want out of it and what you are looking to achieve before simply making a purchase. Strengths are also very important. There are a lot of lighter strains for beginners and those more sensitive to weed, and the options climb up to medium and strong, depending on your tolerance and need. 

There are three main types of weed for you to choose from:


Indica is commonly known as the wheelchair weed as it induces a relaxed mellow state where most people feel “locked” to their couches. Indica is usually recommended for people suffering from anxiety and stress and to promote sleep and relaxation. 


Sativa is the strain that is recommended to uplift and create happiness. Sativa has a light and euphoric property that promotes laughter and an abundance of creativity. Sativa is also known for its pain relief properties and is one of the most recommended strains, especially for those starting off. It too is used to treat depression, anxiety and manage pain. 


The hybrid as the name suggests is a combination of both strains to bring out the best characteristics of both. If you find that pure indica can be too paralyzing, but enjoy the calming effect, you can opt to mix it to achieve the perfect balance of calming, yet uplifting feelings. 

Swap Between Products

You might not know this, but there are a number of products that you can purchase in the cannabis range. You don’t only need to buy the plant or flower to smoke, you can be faced with a plethora of products that offer various solutions and remedies. 

Many outlets offer CBD oils that come in the form of droppers or even vapes. There are various types of edibles that you can choose from including chocolates, gummies, candies, coffees, teas, and baked goods. 

If consumption is not what you are looking for, most outlets also offer you the option to purchase CBD based topicals. These are primarily used for localized pain management and the treatment of skin and dermatological problems. They come in the form of lotions, rubs, bath bombs, make-up, balms, soaks, scrubs, and masques. These products contain mostly CBD, more than THC. This means that you will not feel the high, or euphoria associated with THC, but will be treating pain and symptoms associated with various diseases due to the healing qualities of the CBD.  

Wrapping Up 

The world of cannabis and CBD, in becoming more legalized and accepted, has become more and more open to new products and outlets being introduced to the market. Customers are getting more options to choose from, and more outlets to buy from. Not only is it becoming easier for people to make an informed decision on their product, but it is becoming easier for them to receive the product and try out new products that they have never tried before. When choosing your online outlet, make sure you have all of the options in front of you, as well as assistance if or when you need it.