If you are considering moving into a coliving space that has its own gym, then you’re in luck. Studies have shown that people who live closer to gyms tend to be healthier, which is all the motivation you need. While the convenience and cost saving benefits of sharing a gym are great, there are some things you need to keep in mind when you are sharing an area like this with others. If you follow these unwritten rules about shared fitness spaces, you and the people you share the gym with will be sure to have a pleasant experience.

Timing is Everything

No matter how many people live in your coliving house, there are bound to be times when the gym space is busy, so be considerate of the people you share the space with, first and foremost. Everyone wants to get their workout session in, and some people may also be strapped for time, so exercise patience and etiquette and wait your turn. Don’t call dibs on equipment if you are not using it, and don’t hover over someone who is busy while you wait your turn. Be courteous and mention you’d like to go next, and then politely wait.

Be Considerate – Leave the Place Better Than How You Found it

This applies to all shared spaces, but is particularly important when it comes to fitness areas because of the hygiene and safety factor. Leaving equipment lying around isn’t just rude, it’s dangerous – someone could trip over it or get hurt trying to put it away (when you should have done). Nobody likes to clean up after other people, and it’s difficult to keep track of equipment when it gets strewn all over the place – that’s how things go missing.

Be Aware of Who You Share the Space With

 Be mindful of the other people using the space. If you need a lot of room or make a lot of noise during your workout, try move to an area that is least likely to disturb the people around you. Blasting music from your earphones at high levels is antisocial behaviour, as is blatantly perving over and hitting other gym-goers who are just trying to get their fitness on. It all comes back to the golden rule of mutual respect; treat others how you would like to be treated.

Take Care of Your B.O.

While a certain level of sweatiness and smelliness is expected whenever fitness is involved, you should still take steps to ensure that you don’t create an environment which is uncomfortable or unhygienic for the people around you. There is nothing worse than stepping up to use a machine and finding someone else’s sweat all over it – don’t be that guy! Always keep a sweat towel with you to wipe down the equipment, and always hit the shower both before and after your workout sesh.


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